Bear’s Saturday Mornings: That YouTub3 Family Villains.

Looking back, I should have known. I should have realized that showing my son super heroes and monsters and cartoons, all in their own shared universes would influence him to find his own version. A show with adventures, mysteries, bad guys, and just enough safe scares. One that he discovered himself and can call his own. Thanks to this era of families on YouTube he has fallen for not the family but That YouTub3 Family.

Bear’s Saturday Mornings is where I look at the shows my son (nicknamed Bear) has found on his own. Things from my childhood I get him to watch are off limits. This is me as a parent watching the new content for his generation, and giving my opinions.

This week has been huge for That YouTub3 Family. Mom, dad, two younger boys, and two younger girls. Together they have game nights, adventures, and 24 hour challenges. Bear’s favorite content though is the multi part stories where a new antagonist challenges the family. These are posted in 10-15 minute parts and then combined into one movie length video. That YouTub3 Family has created their own rogues gallery over the last few years. Over the past two weeks those bad guys have come back into the new Villains series. We’ve watched it at least twice all the way though and more viewings are coming.

Creepy dolls, bandits, and more have harrassed the family over the last couple years. Every member of the family is all in for these movies and Bear gets excited for each new series. The Family has done a great job of recreating classic serials within their production company of 6 people. Cliffhanger endings. Location changes. Point of view and narrator changes. All of these keep the videos fresh and engaging. We’ve yelled at the TV, shouting encouragement or warnings. These shows are also a great way to teach kids how to use the calendar. Bear is well aware when a new episode will air and gets up bright and early much like I used to do on a Saturday morning. Instead of NBC or CBS we turn on YouTube right after getting giant bowls of cereal.

The latest series, Villains, showcases how great the Family is in all aspects. The story moves well. There are many call backs to past videos, thus promoting more views and hits on their library. Six mystery boxes appear in the living room. Once a box is open a villain from their past reappears. The Family has to defeat all six in order before they can be free. The Villains are portrayed by the Family members. I won’t say “possessed” but they change into these alter egos and the rest of the Family has to save whichever member is the focus of that episode. The kids are fully committed to their characters and as they gain more experience, I become more impressed. My favorite is the younger daughter Jordan as Granny. She is the most scene stealing, laugh causing character so far. The Family can barely keep it in as she embraces this cantankerous antagonist.

There’s not much entertainment safe for the entire family. Also, most shows featuring four children have at least one that is unbearable. Thankfully this channel has never once come across as anything other than enjoyable. Real recognizes real, and I think good parents will find kinship and comfort watching That YouTub3 Family’s crazy adventures.


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