Metal Mondays: Scissorfight.

Hailing from Portsmouth, New Hampshire and still active is the musical equivalent of draining the bar rag into a glass – Scissorfight.

This is a recent discovery thanks to Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist, and one that I’m positive wouldn’t ever cross my ears otherwise. In ten years they put out 10 albums and EPs, then disappeared for 10 years. This is a band I feel was so close to breaking through, but for whatever reason fate wasn’t interested. Appearances on MTV, named best hard rock band in Boston area twice. Plus, they were the opening act for huge bands which usually gives a bit of a rub. Yet never made it to the next level.

The first song I heard is “Blizzard, Buzzards, Bastards” off the Mantrapping for Sport and Profit album. Titles alone and I’m sold on this band. I get a feeling they can sometimes get too sarcastic for their own good. My kind of people.

They are a no gimmicks, no apologies rock band. Working class metal. If you’re driving to a concert, get a flat, and four random dudes help you – there’s a chance the same four are now on stage. But don’t think they’re humble head down mouth shut guys. Every note, every word brings out an attitude that is forged over years. Years of chipping away everything in front of them to earn respect. Now demanding the same from their fans. You better work hard and then rock out just as hard. Don’t worry about coming straight to the bar in your Dickie’s, the band did the same. Worry between the hangover and scream singing along with every track might lead up to a bad day at work Monday.

Scissorfight is the kind of music mix that can only come from blue collar lives. A little of this style, a little of that genre. Every guy on the line gets his time to pick the music and we all have to get along to meet the daily quota. There’s stoner metal, Southern rock, rap, industrial metal. All of it into this mix that shouldn’t work by any means but is the catchiest damn thing in rock this week and it’s over 10 years old. Throw it on at a summer BBQ at your house and wait for someone to come running from the other side of the yard. “What the hell is this?!”

After listening to this song I highly recommend letting the YouTube autoplay feature bring even more Scissorfight to your ears. If they’re good enough for MTV’s Serena Altschul they’re good enough for you.

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