Overkill “Welcome to the Garden State”

a Metal Monday post

For those loyal readers who may not know this fact, I lived in New Jersey at one point. This was 13 years ago (wow) and I lived there for only one year. That short time though was full of great memories and I will always feel a love for the Garden State. Comics, wrestling, food, oddities. There was so much to enjoy in that overall short amount of time I keep promising myself to go back. One day.

There have been plenty of love letters from famous Jersey residents to their home over the years. In a way my current and childhood homes will most likely never have. Much like Jersey adopted me, I kind of adopt these pop culture odes as things that remind me of home. Through my deep dives into heavy metal and a desire to balance the retro with new discoveries, a discovery was made. An ode, a tribute, a ballad to all that is pork rolls and jug handles.

Classic thrash metal band Overkill was born in 1980. Hailing from Old Bridge Township these godfathers of thrash have released 19 studio albums over near 40 years. Their most recent album from this past February, The Wings of War, features this incredible song “Welcome to the Garden State”.

Overkill fans are already pushing for the song to be the theme for the NHL Jersey Devils. Other teams have so and so songs but the hometown team pride alone would be phenomenal.

The band is in the pocket thrash. Fast guitars and drums. Lead singer with great range. And thanks to being around since 1980, they make it look effortless too. Overkill has so much skill and experience in the game every song and every concert is a guarantee. Exactly what any fan wants and expects, they’ll get.

I have such respect for a band that’s been around for decades like this and stayed true to themselves despite never crossing over to the levels the Big 4 of thrash have. I would rather be the greatest geek blogger for ten people than fake sports knowledge for thousands.

Welcome to the Garden State
Come on in the water’s great
We’re out of line and we got no time for you
Welcome to the Garden State
The best damn place in the U.S.A.
You may not agree, you bitch and you moan
I’ve been everywhere but it’s never like home

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