Team Hellions Podcast Episode 13 Internet Addiction.

Two things happened today. One, I was listening to another podcast talk about the early days of the internet. Two, my son wanted to play a new game on my phone for hours. Between the two I was reminded of my internet use over the last 20 years. I think I have a problem. Tune in to hear my thoughts. Tell me if you feel the same. Let me know how you have limited your own online time. Other than checking out the great content I and others put out there. Always time for that.


One comment

  1. Total addict to the point i’m putting off home improvements and other real world stuff just to contribute to my “part time job” of running websites and podcasting. Really wish I could curb the social media mainly but like you, i’m afraid i’ll miss something or disconnect from people who i only talk to via the internet.

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