Hiding Villains in Plain Sight

I saw a theory online today. The more I think about it the more plausible it seems.

We knew the Marvel movies were building up to Thanos for years. But what is Phase 4 building to? Who will be the big bad guy? So far we don’t know.

Or do we?

As part of the Disney Plus synergy the Marvel shows on that service will tie into the movies. One such show is Wanda Vision. Starring the Scarlet Witch trying to bring her late love the Vision back into her life. Later Wanda will team up with Doctor Strange for his sequel, the Multiverse of Madness. This is billed as Marvel’s first horror movie.

In the Marvel comics, Wanda has gone through so much trauma that at times has caused her mind to fracture. Her chaos magic alters the reality of comics. The most powerful and shocking was when she decreed “no more mutants” and Marvel saw most of that population de-powered with less than 200 remaining.

A woman who has already lost her love, fought Thanos, and is about to cross the multiverse could pull a similar trick in the movies. But why not flip it? Instead of no more mutants maybe she is the catalyst for bringing mutants into the MCU.

Starting with her father.

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