What Fresh Hell…? July 2019.

Welcome to the July installment of What Fresh Hell. On or near the first of every month I take a look at the media I consumed in the previous month which didn’t get a post of it’s own.

Fellow blog AEIOU… and Sometimes Why was the inspiration for this post and you can check out his latest Monthy Movie Recap at this LINK.


Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Without a doubt, the funniest Marvel movie yet. Witty, charming, every bit of it was fun. Plus with arguably the best Mysterio story in any medium. The debut was well done. Longtime comic fans knew the twist was coming but how it was done was original. Tie ins all the way back to the first Marvel movie. Plus two post credit scenes that open up a world of questions for the next Phase of these movies. Every time we talk about the movie at home we remember something else great from the film. Plus, I complained about Zendaya after Homecoming. Not about ethnicity. But about desirability. She doesn’t have to be the most beautiful, the smartest, the best. But I needed to see her as Peter sees MJ. In Homecoming I never got that, but in Far From Home it’s there. She is MJ and please stick around as long as you like in all of these movies.


WWE Monday Night Raw.

Not a new show, and not a show that I don’t talk about. But a new leader has made the show interesting. For those that don’t know, Paul Heyman is now the head writer for Raw. He’s been best known on camera as Brock Lesnar’s manager. Longtime fans know him as the mad genius behind the legendary ECW. He has written and booked many wrestling shows and has a gift to keep it compelling. Whether it’s showing long standing main event talent in a new light or finally utilizing forgotten stars. The show has felt fresher, faster paced, and there is always a water cooler moment.


Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

Longtime readers are aware my wife and I started watching the original PLL show as a joke and then got hooked. The show always drove us nuts with slow to no reveals and then out of no where twists. Always giving just enough to keep watching. This sequel/spin off show has two returning cast members and a new college with a new group of kids facing a new mystery adversary. Again, it’s slow coming, takes ridiculous head pounding turns, and gives just enough at the end of every episode to watch one more. We finished the entire season of 10 episodes and are conflicted. If the show isn’t renewed, then we don’t have to watch it. But if it is, we might get one answer in the next season. Possibly the biggest love/hate relationship I’ve ever had with a show.


No idea what August will bring. Come September though I’m wondering if there will be more TV time once a little Bear is back to school. It’s very hard to watch certain shows with an impressionable six year old in the house.

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