Tomorrow at Work…

Tomorrow at work I want everyone to do me a favor. Go up to your work best friend and say, I don’t want this to happen to either of us. I want us both to get home safe. If someone comes in with a gun, what would you do? Talk. Brainstorm. Share ideas.

Years ago I was working at a mall. Opening up a store before the business day starts. There was a shooting the day before. As I was propping open the doors, BANG! No one knew what it was. Me, other stores, mall walkers. All were either frozen or mid crouch. “Is this our turn?”

No. It was a large balloon popping in the lights. But I didn’t want to feel unsure again. Next time I would close those doors right back up, locked, and out the back.

I have 3-4 planned exits for my current employer. Plans for places we shop or spend time frequently. I don’t want to stop to think. I want to move, away.

Right now I’m not writing this to discuss who to blame, what to do, any of that. I just want everyone to get home tomorrow. We’re not getting anywhere within the echo chambers of social media. But maybe face to face. Maybe with someone who is only in your life because you work together, and otherwise may have never been friends. Maybe there we can complain together it feels we live at work. But at least we get to live.

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