Bear’s Saturday Mornings: Happy Bear-th Day!

image from the Ben 10 World: Omniprofiles YouTube page


This Saturday the usual post will be changed. For today is big guy’s sixth birthday! He is our only child, he is awesome, he loves what he loves in pop culture, and today he got spoiled. Helpful hint if your kid’s birthday is in August or September, check out the clearance section of any store with toys. Everyone is getting rid of last year’s toys to make room for this Christmas’s new releases. That means we found Avengers Infinity War, Jurassic World, Nintendo Switch games, and more at half off or more.

Giant Imaginext toy with a truck, guy, and five dinosaurs. Three Jurassic World dinosaurs, including the “colossal” T-Rex. So many Ben 10 toys, and spoiler – that’s an upcoming edition of this column. Pokemon toys. FGTeeV has their own toy line now. Three new Switch games – Let’s Go Eevee, Hello Neighbor, and Adventure Time. Plus we downloaded our first game for the Switch – Epic Stickman 2. Pokemon hat, balloons, plates, all of that. Detective Pikachu Blu ray.

That was just today. We did a birthday party with my family last week. He was excited for clothes! LEGOs, Pokemon Legos, Pete the Cat, Star Wars, Falcon!

I want to thank my wife so much. Because he was thankful for every single toy. Excited, said thank you, beams of happiness lighting up his face. If I shared pictures of him on here it would be a gig of pictures that made his parents so proud and happy. All of this the result of her being an amazing mom.

It’s been crazy getting all of this ready. I’ll talk about a cartoon or YouTube show next week. For now I’m going to sit down with some dinosaurs and watch Detective Pikachu again.


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