NXT Takeover Toronto 2019 Predictions.


There’s a big NXT show tonight! Tomorrow is the 2019 edition of SummerSlam (and I’ll have predictions up tomorrow). Tonight though is the WWE’s third brand. The black and yellow cult. NXT.

Let’s run through the card:

Candice LeRae vs Io Shirai.

Candice is a great wrestler, and one I could see being with WWE for life. A couple title runs. A player/coach role. Into one of the best agents the women have ever had. But that’s the next 20 years. Tonight she loses. Because Io Shirai just turned heel and needs a big win to start looking like a contender.

Winner: Io Shirai.


Shayna Baszler (NXT Women’s champion) vs. Mia Yim.

Shayna has been a dominant champion for the last year. Impressive at every turn. Keeps getting better. An absolute force in women’s wrestling. Every time fans predict this is the challenger to unseat her, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m going to predict Mia wins not because she’s due, not because it’s time for Shayna to lose, not because I think she’s going to Raw. I’m predicting it solely because Mia Yim’s Instagram has a photo of her family in Toronto with her. Everyone’s family doesn’t go to every show. But most will make plans to be in attendence when their child wins a title.

Winner and new champion: Mia Yim.


Velveteen Dream (North American champion) vs Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong.

WWE very often will have things go the opposite of expectations, just to mess with fans. Based on upcoming predictions though. Plus Dream in the recent WWE video game commercial, I’m thinking everything will go according to plan tonight. Roderick Strong wins, thus giving the Undisputed Era faction two of the three men’s titles. Velveteen Dream gets called up to Raw.

Winner and new champion: Roderick Strong.


The Street Profits (NXT tag team champions) vs. The Undisputed Era.

I mean, Street Profits are already on Raw. Have been for weeks. Yet to wrestle a match on the show, but they got more camera time than other tag teams on the main roster. Close the loop.

Winners and new champions: The Undisputed Era.


Adam Cole (NXT Champion) vs. Johnny Gargano. Two out of three falls match.

I’ll predict all three falls. Cole chose a singles match – Gargano will win that. Gargano chose a street fight – Cole will win that. Cole then wins the third fall and third stipulation. Thus retaining the title and giving the Undisputed Era all of the men’s NXT titles.

Winner and still champion: Adam Cole.

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