The Origin of the Masked Ephemera.


From the shadows, I return!


Hey kids.  It’s been awhile. I’m feeling better now. Thank you for putting up with me.

To repeat and explain a little better:

About a month ago one thing happened, then another, and another. I felt like a lot of things weren’t going right, I hurt myself at work, I was exhausted, and usually when life builds up the outlet of writing helps. Funny thing though, at the same time I received alerts that the previous site was 10 years old. Which combined with a previous to that site meant I had been writing online for 12 years. Instead of excitement over this accomplishment I looked at what I had done, and I was unsatisfied.

When I started all of this I thought it would lead to someone discovering this writing and hiring me to write for a living the rest of my life. Books would feature collections of my work. I would make my own hours. Be an invited guest for numerous panels and conventions. Maybe there was a window of time when blogs were that, the time has long passed. I was expecting and forcing a blog to be something that blogs aren’t anymore. It’s not the zoo’s fault there are no living dinosaurs, it’s my fault for thinking there would be.

I debated retiring from all of it. Deleting everything. Thanks to my commitments for other sites, I couldn’t go away. And that helped me get through to today. I reached out to other bloggers and I want to thank them all for their help. It got me through to now.

I also apologize for name changing, new creations, I was trying to figure out what would work. Right now I really like this name and the new graphic. I think the graphic is fresh and old. New but with a wink to what I was before. The ‘ephemera’ also feels very Stan Lee to me. If Stan was a blogger.

So let me try this for a bit. The old stuff is still around somewhere. I might archive, combine, update, edit, or bound them all as a book. Not sure yet.

Going forward though I want to take what I learned. One, I can’t beat myself up to post as a hobby. This doesn’t pay. It’s supposed to be for fun. It’s a way to share what I’ve discovered over the past week and maybe talk with like minded people. Also, I accept that producing is not my strong suit. I will contribute to your podcast or video any day. I can sit here and write for hours on end. But I can’t edit or be technical. Yes, I could learn how to do all of that. Or that same amount of time could go towards writing for one of the other sites, working on the comic idea, or sending out pieces elsewhere. I can write. I’m good at that. It makes sense to focus on what I am good at.

I’m going to leave it there for now. Leave comments or DM me on social media. Pages have been updated. I can do a Q and A for this rebrand in a later post.

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