Freshly Disposed for August 2019

Entrapta from She-Ra and the Princess of Power. Rights to Mattel, Filmation, Dreamworks, Netflix.


What is this? What does this title mean? All will be explained.

On the previous site I would review all that I had watched, read, or listened to in the previous month that did not warrant an individual post. It was called something different there. Here we are though with a new site and this is one of the posts that always “worked” so I’m bringing it over here.

This themed idea was inspired by a similar monthly column over at AEIOU and Sometimes Why. A long running blog and long running writing friend of mine. Head over there to check out all the great work.

To go alone with the new Masked Ephemera name this column needed a new themed name as well. As these are the brand new to me works and much of it is consumed and then thrown away, I thought “Freshly Disposed” was a good name. As I searched to make sure there wasn’t a “Freshly Disposed” blog out there writing about similar topics I saw the most metal of headlines. “Evaluation of heavy metal leaching from spent household.” “Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Daily Cover.” “Bye bye fertilizer, let your waste work.” During weeks when I discuss too much music or horror movies I’ll be thrilled with this column.

‘Nuff said though! Time for the new stuff.

I watched the pre-show for All Elite Wrestling last night. The Buy In. Two matches, a women’s battle royal and a tag match. And I had a blast watching both. When WWE has multiple women across all brands, plus the Mae Young Classic tournament that brings in other names I wasn’t sure there was enough unsigned talent for AEW. So wrong. 21 women in this battle royal and any one of them could become the next star when AEW’s weekly show starts. Follow that up with a tag match between Private Party vs. Jack Evans and Angelico. Private Party might be the most athletically gifted wrestlers I’ve seen in awhile. Vertical leaps alone put them literally on another level. Then what looks like gymnastics background. I don’t know where they picked up their skills but these two should put on the first match on the debut episode. They dare you to ever look away for fear of missing something cool.

Over a year ago my friend Pete on Pete’s Basement mentioned a show called Myths and Monsters. Only 6 episodes, the whole thing is on Netflix. The show looks at where myths came from over time and use each episode’s theme as a way to explain the human experience. Love, death, war, revolution and more. TV shows usually don’t have the education and excitement of a great college course but I was enraptured. It took me forever to watch the series because I needed to dedicate myself to watching it. No distractions, not a show to watch while falling asleep. When you have a day of feeling dumb and really want to educate yourself I can’t recommend this enough.

I watched She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 3 on Netflix then started the series over with my wife to get her reactions to things. I’m noticing teases and building blocks from the beginning. In season three though I was knocked off my feet by the new relationships. I can’t spoil it but I never saw it coming and now it’s my favorite thing. She-Ra is clever in never flat out saying two people are in a relationship, but also making it obvious.

Also, on during the latest season and the rewatch some themes are becoming more obvious. There’s the acceptance of any love in relationships. Gay, straight, bi. All are treated equally. But now I’m seeing the themes of abuse, mostly through Catra. Absolutely abused by Shadow Weaver throughout her life. The verbal and mental abuse is shown on the show with hints of off camera physical abuse. Then to have her love leave her, the one person she thought she could always count on, viewers can almost excuse Catra’s villainous acts.

Finally, in recent years certain shows aimed at kids and kids at heart have made an effort to include a character on the autism spectrum. Not usually flat out said, but once this clicks with the viewer it becomes aware throughout the show’s history. Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. Lemongrab on Adventure Time. Julia on Sesame Street. And Entrapta on She-Ra. I loved the character throughout the first two seasons. Just so quirky, damaged, brilliant, funny, hurt. She’s such a rich scene stealing role. Then in season 3 the autism link clicked and in the repeat viewings I see it was there all along. It’s a damn shame that this series isn’t seeing 80’s level merchandise because whether it’s called a doll or an action figure I would have an Entrapta collection going.

That’s all for this month.  August hit hard. But with back to school time nigh and as a pop culture blogger I’m legally required to write about horror and Halloween all October long. There will be some fun stuff coming up monthly for this column.

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