G.I. Joe #7 Review (IDW, 2011).

I’m revisiting old G.I. Joe content this week, in honor of my G.I Joe posts over at The Retro Network.

This post is originally from December 2011 and appears here in it’s original form.


This will be very quick as I only picked it up to find out a little more about the current comics before I read all about the new Cobra Commander.

And, well, this is really good!

Shipwreck leads a submarine full of GI Joe’s to a near death adventure.  Meanwhile the Baroness has Cobra’s most dangerous B.A.T. coming for her like a juggernaut, destroying all Joes in her path.

It so much fun.  Darker than the cartoon for sure, but similar to the Marvel comics.  Yes, I know that IDW has another GI Joe book that follows the old Marvel continuity.  This title is great for starting fresh.  Now there’s a dead Cobra Commander, new characters, rebooted characters.  Never did I think that GI Joe was a property that could be redone multiple times.  Batman, sure but GI Joe?  But here we are with at least 10 different versions of the team and I’ve enjoyed every one of them.

The comic is smart.  The Joes are put in danger and need to think fast to find a way out of it.  Whether its splitting the sub in two or cutting into the Baroness!

Its funny how much of my childhood comes into the comic.  I don’t need to know the backstory for Rock n Roll nor do I need a lot of character development for him.  Instead he appears on panel and I think, holy crap its Rock n Roll!  Yes, I know I get all pissy in reviews when the books don’t explain who characters are and I feel lost.  Maybe I should be more forgiving because there’s no way to know who all of these characters are yet I loved the hell out of this book.

If you were ever a GI Joe fan this is a must buy.  Its fun, fast paced, and you need the thrill of the next issue and the resolution of cliff hangers.

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