GI Joe Movie Prequel #3 and #4 (from IDW, 2009) Review

This review was originally written in 2009.

I can’t begin to tell you how upset I was with these comics.  GI Joe has always been enjoyable to me, its all of its forms.  From the comedic, to the scifi, to the espionage.  I’ve enjoyed every take on the Joes.  But these two comics were awful.  I wouldn’t even buy them out of the dollar bin in a year from now awful.  Why did I hate them so?

I have faith that the original pencils for issue 3 were great.  Angles are good, the storyline flows, I can identify every character.  But the lack of detail is surprising.  Detail that diminishes even more once the inks and colors are added on.  This book may have had more impact in black and white.  However the dominant color is brown.  Sepia, beige, brown, tan it all blends in together.  And the inks!  Never thick where it should be or thin where it matters.  (Am I right ladies? HA!)  The Baroness is bad and Cobra is shady.  They’re even shadier than those dirty Arabs!  Its a far too simple plot, terribly drawn, and not worth $3.99.  Maybe if you find a graphic novel of all four issues for a dollar.

But issue 4 has Snake Eyes!  This must be better.  Alas, no.  And Chuck Dixon, who wrote these two issues is a much better writer than this.  I have many of his books.  I have his autograph!  But I’m sorry Chuck, these stink.  Snake Eyes sneaks in and kills terrorists that are trying to kill other people.  In Russia.  And its covert.  Did I accidently pick up a comic from the 80’s?  Again, the plot is far too simple.  The inking is overdone and the coloring is underdone.

I can’t begin to explain how disappointed I was with these issues, but hopefully you get the point.  Chuck Dixon is a far better writer than this.  I’ll have to find something else from S L Gallant to compare against these books.  Skip over these books if its not too late for you already.

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