Treasures from the Attic.

Have you ever met someone new and yet so familiar? That is how I have felt for the last year plus since discovering the Tig and Eric Show AKA Attic Dwellers AKA Nerd Out with Me. As I enjoy their YouTube show every Monday and get to know the hosts, I would add them to the pantheon of great blogging friends.

Turns out they’ve been here all along.

The best way to describe their YouTube show is finding an old VHS taped off TV full of the original recorder flipping through the channels. Much like finding an old tape from the wrestling Monday Night Wars with constant channel changes between USA/TNN and TNT.

Tig and Eric record themselves talking about anything triggered by things either of them find in their storage spaces. Books, movies, toys, games, food, music, trivia. There is no way to predict what is coming next. The only guarantee is enjoying every moment of the show. Including the stuff added in.

Edited throughout the weekly show are guests and vintage video. Tom travels and/or plays games. Clips from Fivel. Bootsy! It becomes a jam event. Then there are the clips unearthed from forgotten corners of the past. I can’t express how many times I’ve contacted the guys and asked where a clip came from.

Confession time, sometimes I feel I’m spending too much time online and delete half the people I follow. Then I start to miss some of that content and build that following list back up until the next time it happens. Recognizing this problem will hopefully allow me to not do it again.

I originally thought the Attic entered my life thanks to their viral video “BrainStorm”. Remember when everyone was debating what color the dress was in that infamous picture? Shortly after Tig and Eric discovered that this toy sounded like it was saying either “BrainStorm” or “Green Needle” depending on which you were thinking in your head! It sounds crazy, but give this mind trick a try and watch the following video.

That video came up thanks to YouTube algorithms and next thing I’m digging through all the videos from the Attic. I grabbed all the podcasts that were available. Started following and annoying them across all social media. Watching one video a night (at least) became my new habit. Comfort viewing. This show is where Wayne and Garth would be today. From the basement to the attic, from public access to YouTube.

Little did I know they were also upstanding geeks. Tig and Eric are what all of us aging generation X geeks want to be. Hard working, family men, and still carving out that little bit of time to nerd out. I’ve learned so much in their videos and thanks to the package in the opening picture, I’m about to learn much more.

The two dwellers of the attic are both published authors, and of course I hate them for that. This bundle is the impetus for my new desire to have a “blogging corner” to my collection. A place to showcase gifts and content brought into my life thanks to other blogs. That Breaking Bad book will be missing though, because I think my wife already stole it. “Borrowed” it.

Then this week as I’m figuring out the perfect place for the stickers and which book to read first, I was shocked to find this familiar face elsewhere. Long time readers who came over from the previous site might remember the late League of Extraordinary Bloggers. A place where the loose connection of bloggers would write a post about one topic, trade links, and along the way forge friendships. While I was looking for a completely unrelated article for a different post, there was the logo. Holy crap it’s the same guy!

As someone who is now on my third blog incarnation, I honestly thought at first this was a name abandoned 5 or more years ago and new geeks picked up the banner. But no! Once again The League rises for a moment to make or strengthen connections. I’ll be re-reading their archive with the same dedication as I made my way through the marathons.

I know for myself sometimes I look at the hits weighed against the time I put in to all of this and debate if it’s worth it all. There has been many a week where a miserable attitude was turned around thanks to this show. Guys, I’m here to let you know all your work is worth it for at least one person.

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