Fantasy Pull List for September 2019.

Recently I put together a list of retro themed comics coming out in September. You can find that post over at The Retro Network. While looking through the July Previews catalog for comics in September I started my own list of books to buy. This will never happen for mostly financial reasons. There’s also finding enough time to buy them and space to store them. Yet the whole point of this new incarnation of the site is to celebrate these things and maybe get new eyes on it.

Here is the list of what I would like to purchase with occasional commentary.

Marvel Comics:

Strikeforce #1

Absolute Carnage #3

Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-Man #1

Crazy #1

King Thor #1

Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #1

Avengers #24

Captain America #14

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #3

Loki #3

Gwenpool Strikes Back #2

Strikeforce looks like a 90’s throwback to extreme characters. Probably better written though. Absolute Carnage has been a blast so far. Crazy is a one shot but the original magazine was Marvel’s version of Mad, so this could be fun. King Thor is the last part of the epic Jason Aaron Thor story. Black Panther leading his own team of heroes to battle global threats is full of potential. Cosmic Ghost Rider shows up in Avengers. This issue of Captain America is part of a longer story but also a bit of self contained. Cap and Mockingbird journey to a sleepy Iowa town controlled by “Them”. I’m intrigued by all the changes in Asgard. Finally, there is just something about Gwenpool. Such an absurd character but I love her. Speedball, Red She-Hulk, Gwenpool. There, now you know what to buy me for Christmas.

DC Comics:

Legion of Super Heroes: Millennium #1

Gotham City Monsters #1

Freedom Fighters #9

Justice League #31 and #32

Teen Titans #34

Freedom Fighters is on here just for that cover. I’ve never read Legion, despite it’s love and lore, but this new beginning has me curious. Gotham City Monsters is comics and horror the way it should be. The Justice League takes a trip through DC’s rich timeline. I love when comics remember their rich history and start to play with it. I have a few runs of Titans in my collection. There’s no rhyme or reason, frequently a story sounds good and next thing I’m buying it every month.


Image Comics:


Battlepug #1

Spawn #301

Savage Dragon #247

The Walking Dead #195

Spawn and Savage Dragon are here for curious nostalgia. Books I bought for their first couple years that I have long ago stopped reading. Nothing against the titles. Both are teased as jumping on points. Battlepug looks fun. SFSX is already going to a second and maybe third print. The Walking Dead is here as a reminder that a couple months ago we had no idea the series was ending.

Dark Horse:

Triage #1

Evie Pierce has two versions of herself – one older, one younger – walking side by side with her. Someone begins to hunt them. Sci-fi, aliens, robots. This could be something.



Dick Tracy Forever

A Radical Shift of Gravity

Marilyn Manor

John Byrne’s Marvel Classics Artifact Edition.


From the creator of Powers and The Mice Templar comes an all new Dick Tracy original graphic novel. Gravity is another original graphic novel in which the force of gravity begins to lessen across all of Earth. Everything changes: travel, sports, even just walking down the street. This is a story of not only how the world adapts, but how a parent must adapt to their children growing up in this new world. Marilyn is the punk first daughter living in the White House, and throw some supernatural fun in there too. The Artifact edition is original pencils and art from Byrne’s Marvel work. It’s also $125. So this is definitely wish list.


Vampirella/Red Sonja #1

Chastity #1

Bettie Page Unbound #6

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #5

Vampirella #3

I think Dynamite is doing a great job of taking female characters that looked pretty but were one dimensional and fleshing them out. No pun intended. Every one of these women has been on hundreds if not thousands of covers by now to look hot. But these comics hire the best writers in comics to make these must read.


Boom Studios:

Something is Killing the Children #1

Grass Kings Volume 2

Something in the woods is taking away children. A five issue mystery begins here. Then in Grass Kings, the tale of a trailer park kingdom continues.


Back of the Book.

So, Previews is set up a certain way. Marvel and DC have their own magazines bundled with Previews. Then the “feature” companies are listed first. Finally, every other comic publisher is listed alphabetically. If I opened My Comics and released one book, that will be in the M section and a little paragraph with the cover. These titles don’t get as much attention, which is why some of them need more attention.

Ablaze, LLC:  Vampire State Building #1

Vampires take over a 102 story building and it becomes a fight for survival. Some movie or TV studio is picking up this series before it’s completed.

Action Lab – Danger Zone:

Amalgama: Space Zombie #2

Going to the Chapel #1

Sexy space predator or church hostage situation? Why not buy both comics?

Amp Adult:

Nancy: The Olivia Jaimes Collection Volume 1

Recently the long running Nancy comic strip got a new writer and she turned everything around. Surreal, sarcastic, outside the literal box.

Antarctic Press:

Dog Eaters #1

Post apocalypse American Southwest. Sold!


La Muerta: Ascension #1

Mexican super heroine with a dash of hell. The cover is pretty and I can only hope the interior holds up.

Heavy Metal:

The Smile of the Absent Cat

Grant Morrison and a fantasy cat land.


Junior High Horrors #7

An all ages horror movie parody comic.

Scary Monsters #134

My favorite geek magazine today. So much research. People of my own mindset discovering the forgotten. If anything, I need a subscription to this one.


Mythos Comics:

Vamp #1

The limo driver for a rock star vampire tells his tale.



She-Ra: Rebel Princess Guide

Big fans of the new She-Ra cartoon here and this is one of the few pieces of related merchandise that’s been made. And that’s a damn shame.


Scout Comics:

The Forever Maps #1

Midnight Sky #1

In Maps, a young man is given a map to follow and discovers as long as he stays on the path he never ages. Midnight Sky deals with body snatching aliens living in our skins. And what do we do when it’s a family member?



The Walking Dead: Typhoon.

Not a comic, but an all text book. How did China deal with the zombie threat?


Source Point Press:

Floppy Cop Volume 1

Sham $5

Floppy Cop is ridiculous cartoon R Crumb style humor. Sham is a tribute to golden age horror written by a hardcore pot head.


TwoMorrows Publishing:

The World of TwoMorrows.

25th anniversary look at the magazine and company that dove into comic book history and helped make it all “matter”.


Uncivilized Books:

Ginseng Roots #1

Craig Thompson of Blankets fame is back with a new tale from childhood.



Mystere #1

Zenoscope is known for pretty girl covers but they’ve been building this Grimm Fairy Tales world over the years. Mystere is the newest star with a great look and so much potential.



Undead Messiah Volume 1

Unrelated events might signal the start of a zombie rise!


Kodansha Comics:

Cells at Work! Code Black Volume 1

A manga that personifies blood cells and all their adventures to keep your body safe.


That’s it for this month! These comics are usually $3.99 each. Of course more for the graphic novels, magazines, and books. But if these were only $4 each this month would cost me $216 to buy everything listed here.

To quote “when did comics become a business?”


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