Entenmann’s Holiday Sprinkled Pop ‘Ems Reviewed.

A classic post from the 2012 Halloween season.


All of my other favorite geek and pop culture blogs are reviewing all of the delicious Halloween themed snacks on store shelves nation wide.  I decided to pick up a couple of things the other day.  You know, for fun.  There will be three of these leading up to tomorrow’s night of tricks and treats.  Right now lets look at a box of Entenmann’s Holiday Sprinkled Pop ‘Ems.

Some nice pumpkins.  Witches on brooms, a few bats.  One huge and random pointy witch hat.  All on an orange box.  Its not too bad.  Certainly stood out on the shelf which is why I ended up buying this.

Here’s a look at the top of the box.  Pretty much the same art work as the side.  It isn’t a bad carton but I’m already bored with it.  However, as you can see I wasn’t bored with the delicious mini donuts inside.  “Pop Ems” as they appear to be called.  They are addicting.  All of this was meant to be a snack for a couple of days.  They were gone within an hour.  That included 50 minutes of holding back and trying to “wait”.  I think the longest wait in between donuts was 5 minutes.  And that’s rounding up.

Check out my beautiful mini donuts.

The inside of this box looks so fat, sugary and disgusting I might leave the house at midnight just to buy another.  “Everyone’s got a favorite!”  Damn skippy I do.  Many favorites from the looks of it.  Its just the normal chocolate glazed donut bites with some orange and black sprinkles glued on.  These donuts always have the same texture.  A sweet sugary glaze covering soft and gritty balls of dough.  Yes, I said gritty but then it falls apart and damn near melts in the mouth.  The sprinkles don’t really add anything.  It only guarantees biting.  The sprinkles wont cause any choking, but the brain says its a good idea to chew anything with sprinkles on it.

They’re so small its unlikely to eat just one.  Unnecessary too.  Why not just enjoy the hell out of them?  One box equals one serving right?  That’s the way I’ve always seen it.  When I’m done and close the box, bag, or container then that is a serving amount.  Only 300 calories in the whole box under my logic!

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