Freshly Disposed for September 2019.

The monthly column returns. Once a month I write about what I watched/read/listened to in the previous month that did not get it’s own post. This month started slow and then got crazy at the end, so there’s a lot to go through here.

This post was inspired by friend of the site AEIOU and Sometimes Why blog.  Check out his monthly post and more.

credit to Comic Con channel, and Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest show

About two weeks ago most of us geek bloggers discovered that the Dollar Tree chain got in a ton of new DVDs for a dollar. Many of which were within our respective wheelhouses. I bought 9 and started watching a couple, then pulled other old ones off the shelves.

The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown.

Fred Flintstone comes up with a money making scheme that involves selling tickets to watch people fight. He abuses Barney’s friendship. Everyone is mad. They all make up at the end. Along the way they meet a bunch of strong people in Bedrock that they hire to fight. John Cenastone. The Boulder Twins. The Undertaker. That’s right, still the Undertaker. No puns exist in death.

It was worth the dollar. Fine kids story, couple good jokes, the wrestling tie in. The Scooby Doo WWE movies are much better.

Scooby Doo and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The horribly under appreciated Brave and the Bold cartoon gets a team up movie. In the cartoon, Batman would have a quick adventure with a hero then the opening credit music, followed by the main story. No different here. Batman and the gang team up against a mysterious new villain who is also making the Scooby team look like criminals. Lots of fun, great DC cameos. If you love that cartoon you’ll love this. And if you’ve never seen the cartoon get this and become a fan.

The Batman/Superman Movie.

A movie that came out during the Batman and Superman animated series. A new version of the first time Batman and Superman meet, argue, then team up against the combined forces of Lex Luthor and the Joker. Better than Batman v. Superman by a Smallville mile. All of the original voice actors. Harley Quinn and Mercy get their moments. The best version of the first time Batman and Superman meet.

Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest.

I found this on the Roku channel, but it has bounced around a couple apps over the last year. Look around, you’ll find it. In this 10 episode series of 15 minute episodes the iconic Hamill showcases a different area of geek and collecting culture in each episode. Star Wars and comics are of course mentioned. Also cars, pinball machines, props, and sneakers. Mark is joined by a way too cute puppet named Pop. I could do 100 episodes of this, but the 10 is it. Nearly every single collector and expert on the show started their origin tale in the same way. “This stuff used to get thrown out because no one thought it was worth anything.” Huh. Sounds like a familiar and kindred sentiment here.

Most of what I was able to watch over the past month was for various columns over at The Retro Network. WIldC.A.T.s cartoon, H.R. Pufnstuf, G.I. Joe and more. If you want to read any of those reviews head over to the main site HERE.

I expect the next month to bring new Halloween and scary things. See you next month!



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