Freshly Disposed May 2019: Free Comic Book Day, Comic Book Men, and Orange Cassidy Part 2.

Welcome back to the monthly post looking at what I read, watched and/or listened to in the previous month that didn’t get a full post. Time to look back at what I experienced in May.

This is part 2, for part 1 all about comics click HERE.


Last month I mentioned that I had finally started watching Comic Book Men. Well, I had finally come back to it. I tried watching the show way back when it debuted but the forced scripted nature of it was too much for me and I bailed after two episodes. A friend and fellow Kevin Smith fan convinced me to push through the first season because the later seasons removed the issues that I had.

He is about 90 percent right. I still have seasons 6 and 7 to finish, so there’s a chance this show will be discussed again in June. Most of the episodes are fine once I accepted what the show is and actually involves. Yes, the people who come in to buy or sell items are pre planned. As it should be. No production company is going to invest in filming a shop open to close just in case someone comes in with something cool. That’s not financially feasible for anyone. I do enjoy the stories, seeing the items, and at times learning. In most episodes there is a geek culture celebrity who just happens to be in the area and stops by. Again, obviously set up as well, but the reasons any of these people are on the show are unimportant McGuffins. The true importance is what they tell about their own experiences, their history, or just to have a laugh. I don’t think Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) just happened to be in the area and just coincidentally wanted a Mego action figure/doll of herself and just happened to give them a time limit on obtaining one which they just happened to find at the last minute. Of course not. But the why doesn’t matter. The act of having her on a show talking about her career and being treated with respect, all of which gives old fans a way to honor her and maybe creates new fans. That’s the important part of the show.

That said, sometimes the set up is just too much for me. In one episode Ernie Hudson (Winston Zedmore from Ghostbusters) shows up and gets talked into selling comic books out of an ice cream truck. This one was so over the top and ridiculous I had to stop the episode and come back to it later. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief. I’m into comics and wrestling so I’m willing to suspend it a lot. But this took things further than I was willing to allow in the moment and I had to tap out for a bit.

Speaking of tapping out, and if you read part one speaking of leveling up and preparing for an opponent, it’s time for all of you to meet Orange Cassidy.

Orange Cassidy is an independent wrestler, not currently signed to an exclusive contract with a big promotion. He travels the country wrestling much like hundreds of other men and women do. But no one, no one, does it like such a layabout slacker as the Freshly Squeezed one.

He hails from… where ever. He weighs in at… who cares? He has his hands in his pockets and can’t bother with showing any ambition or drive. He exudes a character that sleeps on a couch in the basement. The world champion of apathy. And he’s really really good.

The DC comic discussed in part one, a comedian podcast I listen to every week, my favorite morning radio show – all have made the point recently in order to break rules you need to first understand them and have a full command of it. Orange Cassidy breaks every rule of wrestling. His style exposes how much of a match demands both people working together and a suspension of disbelief. And he only gets away with it because he’s actually ridiculously talented.

He got 2 minutes to shine during last weekend’s AEW Double or Nothing pay per view, and that was on the free pre show. But still, it got more people to see him. I became aware thanks to my friends on the At Odds with Wrestling podcast. What really kills me is he wrestled a half hour away recently and I wasn’t able to go.

There’s no way this gimmick ends up on Raw or Smackdown. After recent podcast interviews this week I don’t see Vince McMahon going for it. But All Elite or even NXT is possible.

Words can’t do him justice. Instead here’s three matches starring the hottest name on the independent wrestling scene.

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