The Scariest Boxes at the Video Rental Store.

This post originally appeared in 2015.

Tonight I’m looking at some of the VHS covers that used to scare me every time I went into the local video store.  These are the covers that remained in my subconscious decades later. Something about ever cover sent a chill through my spine and sent me running to rent Rad or a WWF Colosseum home video once again. The funny thing is, I’m much better about horror now but I have still yet to watch any of these movies.

Creepshow 2.

I still haven’t watched Creepshow.  Which is ridiculous because I like all of the creative minds behind it.  Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative word about it.  But for some reason that creepy looking mascot thing still gets me.


Savage Bees

Up until this post I thought this was the cover for Swarm.  I remember some bees attacking movie on USA or WPIX or one of those stations.  Scared the hell out of me.  People getting stung and dropping in inflamed horrible ways.  I don’t even know if it was Savage Bees but in my mind this cover scares me as much as my vague memories of that movie did.

The Company of Wolves.

If there’s anything I discovered its that I do not remember my movie titles.  I was so scared by this cover and it was always in the same place at one of the video stores.  Right where I would walk past every time.  I thought it was one of the Howling movies up til this moment.  All these fears for nothing.


This post is part of the Countdown to Halloween.  Check out tons of other sites.


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