The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay Review.

A classic comic book review, with a touch of horror, from 2013.

From Erik Evensen.

(A review copy was provided to the site.  Also, for anyone who is waiting for a review, poor Erik emailed me back in April.  I’ve been backlogged due to the pregnancy and the baby that far back.  Apologies Erik!)

Friend and fellow writer for the site, Rob, loves the paranormal.  He watches all the shows and is part of his own ghost hunting team.  I will admit though that I have become jaded.  Too many reality shows, too many fake scares and bullshit episodes for my liking.  I want something real.  I want interesting people.  I want to care about the humans and be in simultaneous awe and fear over the unknown.  What I wanted all along was The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay.

This graphic novel is a labor of love for Erik Evensen.  Every bit of passion and sacrifice is on the page.  He had a story he wanted to read, and dammit he was the only one to tell it.  Its a fantastic story of a socially awkward and not at all confident doctoral student Brian Wegman teaming up with his better in beauty and brains Winifred Roth, PhD to find out what is out there in the woods of her home town.  Oh yes, its her home town and her father is the sheriff.  Stir that up a bit.  Savor this delicious visual stew Erik has prepared for you.  Enjoy the hell out of it.

Because that is what you’ll do.  Enjoy the hell out of this.  The story always gives just enough to seem simple yet hiding layers of complexity.  Every bit of writing is the kind geeks love to savor.  Give a shout out to this property, steal these rules, make this reference and we all quote it the next day like so much Joss Whedon.

Best of all, there is no doubt that Erik is a long time comic book fan because this graphic novel was plotted with the influence of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.  I have no proof but the angles, the lack of static characters, the backgrounds that change panel to panel yet are still obviously within the same room and time.  Again, I’m not saying that book is in Erik’s house but the influences resonate from one owner of the book to (possibly) another.

There is a real scary monster story at the heart of all this.  One with a turn so big it demands that the whole book be re-read in order to pick up on all the clues.  Like with all good scary stories, most of the time the true monsters aren’t creatures but ourselves.

The book is worth every penny and you’re guaranteed to have fun pulling this off of your book shelf a couple times a year.  If I was the type to exchange Halloween presents I couldn’t think of a better gift idea this year.  Plus get in on the ground floor with Erik Evensen.  Any one this dedicated to creating a comic is going to go far and be heard from for years to come.



Part of the Countdown to Halloween. 

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