Halloween Pop Tarts Review.

Classic post from 2012 originally on the previous blog. Repeated here as part of the Countdown to Halloween.  Check out that link for more great blogs.


There’s only an hour or so left in Halloween 2012.  Its been a difficult Halloween here at Casa Hellions.  I woke up not feeling well and it only took an hour for that to turn into all out heaving.  Also, I think I have to admit defeat in the Countdown to Halloween.  Attempting to draw 31 monsters in the middle of also getting married proved to be too much and I never recovered from that.  However, there were some amazing blogs I discovered thanks to the Countdown and great work from sites I was already familiar with.  I’ll be doing it for sure next year.  Maybe well in advance too.

Anyways, lets get to the thing that didn’t make me sick and is also about to not matter by midnight.  Its time to look at some Halloween themed Pop Tarts.

Looks like we have some “Spookylicious” Frosted Chocolate Fudge flavored Pop Tarts to be eaten.  I’m not sure which corner is scarier. On the right side is a ghost.  He’s either trying to be spooky or is amazed by this box of snacks.  I think he’s reacting to the numbers on his sheet.  “Holy shit 12 pastries!”  Holy sheet is more like it!  Then on the left I have to come to terms with the fact that I ate one pound and 6 ounces of this.  Oh there is no way that was a healthy way to spend the night.

I’m not sure if the trees have faces or if something creepy is hiding in the trees.  Probably spooky monsters hiding behind the trees while using them as a natural toilet.  Most likely after eating 1 pound and 6 ounces of this.

The art work on the back is actually much better.  Spiders and bats and ghosts.  I wish the other flavors were also Halloween flavored as well.  Not Candy Corn Pop Tarts.  I just cant even write that sentence without wanting to throw up.  Again.  Maybe a candy apple flavor.  Especially warm.

Speaking of warm, I didn’t put one of these in the toaster.  I’ve always been big on eating Pop Tarts raw.  I’m not sure if that’s because its my preference or if I’m just too lazy to cook them.  Are there Christmas Pop Tarts?  If so that’s probably the next ones I’ll buy and maybe I’ll heat one or two of them up.

Anyways, these aren’t great but its sugar and chocolate and I loved them.  Just the fake fudge would have been enough.  But the little candies added to it for sure.  Easy to eat but absolutely disposable.  I should have made those spiders.  But Dinosaur Dracula beat me to it and did a better write up than I could have.


It doesn’t pass the real food test.  What’s the real food test you ask?  See if the cat will eat it.  The cat eats chicken, fish, cream.  Real food.  She wont touch anything fried.  Nor will she even take a nibble of any marshmallow cereals.  Which, sadly, looks a lot like her food.  Anyways, we gave the cat a Halloween Pop Tart to try and here is what happened.


She is not a-mew-used.

(Since this was written back in 2012, the lovely cat here Wickah has passed. Also, my wife and I got married that October and have had a child since then. This cat and that baby became best of friends. She was a feline protector of him as an infant. We later had a black cat named Baby who was only in our lives for a short amount of time. Older and a black cat, no one would adopt her for the longest time. Perfect for us. Our current cat, Simon, has far too much feral in him for his own good at times. This Halloween season I see these cats as perfect for the season. A protective spirit. A creature of darkness. And a were-beast.)

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