Countdown to Halloween: Super Monsters.

We’re back with the Countdown to Halloween. This year takes a look at my son discovering horror.

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Super Monsters images credit to Netflix.

There are a few sites I go to on the fist of every month and maybe again during to see what has been added to the major streaming video services.  One day I see season 2 of something called Super Monsters was now on Netflix. Part of me was hoping this would be various supernatural beings in capes and tights, but no. Super Monsters is about the children of classic monsters attending kindergarten after dark. As the show says, “sun down, monsters up!”

It’s a cute enough show and exactly what it intends to be. The monsters are cute and each have their own personalities. These traits easily lead to problems and the lesson of the episode is learned. Shyness, pride, sharing, fear, listening. All the classics of elementary education are here.

My son already likes werewolves, and there is a wolf cub at the school. The wee Hellion also loves fast characters and frequently runs around the house like Dash from The Incredibles. So when the wolf boy, Lobo, also has the ability to run super fast he found a new obsession. Now I see a little blur of fur and torn flannel race through the house.

By far my favorite joke so far is the girl zombie. Her name is Zoe and on its own she’s another cute monster character. When all the characters’ last names are said I was very impressed with Zoe Walker. It’s a bit of an easy joke, but I showed my appreciation with a slow clap.

If your child is young enough and getting into Halloween, this is a great show to have something a little scary but overall safe and fun.

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