Halloween Comicfest: Aspen Presents the Adventures of Psycho Bonkers #1 Review.

Post originally from 2015. I haven’t had time for regular comic reviews in years. When I did, Aspen Comics was always great and I enjoyed their comics as much as they enjoyed my glowing words. This comic was loads of fun, and while this review was of a digital copy I did later run out to grab a physical one.


From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Adam Archer, Josh Reed, Andrea Shea, Gabe Carrasco.

This was released as a free comic book to give out to trick or treaters on Halloween.  However, I am a bit behind on my reviews.  Obviously.  But when I read this comic I thought dates be damned I need to comment on this comic book.

Because its awesome!!!

First of all, its all in black and white.  Not shades of gray black and white but straight up lines on paper.  Why?  Because its also a coloring book!  I read this comic digitally and I’ve never wanted a physical copy more.  Multiple copies in fact.  I want to color different palates, cut things out, write in the book and solve all of the puzzles.  I am a man in my late thirties and this was one of the most exciting times I’ve had reading comics in years.  I was taken back to being a young boy just given a Return of the Jedi coloring and activity book that kept me occupied for an entire week with family.

Then there are the adorable versions of Aspen’s star women:  Aspen, Kiani, Grace and Lola.  Oh its awesome.  In the age of Bratz and My Little Pony Anthropomorphic Dolls why is this not a mass merchandised line of everything?! These women and of course the Psycho Bonker herself Shine.  I didn’t care who won or loss the race, I was too wrapped up in the fun.

Remember fun?  Its a thing that used to exist in comics.  Before having to read decades of comics to understand things.  Before a death in every issue.  Before T & A ruled.  Comics were fun.  Pick up an issue, read it until its destroyed.  Have a whole wagon full of them in the clubhouse to trade with your friends.  This is how to get new readers into the store.  Kids, women, and jaded Generation X’ers that don’t want to think about death and bills and the weight of society for a couple minutes.  We just want to smile.


Here’s the original solicitation from Aspen Comics:

Vince Hernandez – Story / Adam Archer – Art
A pulse-pounding Psycho Bonkers action-adventure story for fans of all ages! Join the cast of this completely brand new full throttle series along with Fathom’s Ernie the Seahorse, and characters from many of Aspen’s most popular titles as they team up to win a thrilling, issue-spanning race! Aspen Comics’ is excited to once again offer fans and readers a unique comic and coloring book package that includes a crafted full length story geared for kids to color, plus added puzzles, mazes and other fun filled activities for children and readers of all ages! It’s the perfect treat for the Halloween holiday!
THE ADVENTURES OF PSYCHO BONKERS #1 available free at participating Comic Shops on October 31st!


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