Cheap Comics Haul Project.

I absolutely love my local comic shop. It’s about a half hour away from my house, so I can’t pop in and hang out for hours like my childhood one. Every time I’m there though, I feel welcome and that only makes me want to support them more. The problem is, comics are expensive now. Averaging $4 an issue, that’s just impossible to buy everything I want. As I’m going through this month’s Previews catalog if I were to buy everything I want this month alone, I’m out at least $400. An extra hundred dollar a week habit just isn’t feasible right now. Yet I love comics. There’s so much out there I’ve already enjoyed and so much more to discover. That’s where my local shop comes in.

They have an amazing back issue section. Best of all, they have bundle deals too. This many comics for this amount of money. I don’t want to go into details because I don’t want to tip my hand. This isn’t finding expensive comics for cheap. This is finding cheap comics for cheap. The perfect way to find and complete an entire run of a book.

So many comics from the 90’s aren’t considered worth anything more. Then the dirty secret is that most comics aren’t worth money. But this was the time frame when I was buying everything and interested in all of it. Now, I’m finding whole companies entire output for pennies. My plan for these cheap boxes is to build up full runs but only through hunting. I can’t special order anything. I can’t seek them out on eBay or similar. Just what I find while flipping through. Thus far my plan is failed universes. Ultraverse, New Universe, Valiant, and more. These stories are great, and to sit down and read multiple issues for the price of one brand new comic is an easy decision.

Check out videos of what I have found so far. I am not out that much money either. There is so much potential for not only site content, but also to learn from. I still want to take one of my many ideas and focus enough to write a comic. These books are from so many companies and the more I find the more eras and house styles I discover.

Of course, I’m always more than willing to accept donations of comics too. Still trying to find the Vigilante series. Debating getting into the lesser Image books from their first years. The potential is limitless, even though my wallet is not.

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