WWE Survivor Series 2019 Predictions.

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Last night’s NXT TakeOver WarGames was an incredible show. I have no idea how many of these wrestlers battled last night and will do it again tonight. The fight for brand supremacy reaches it’s height this evening as bouts featuring wrestlers from all three brands will compete. Read along to see who I believe will win and why.


Adam Cole (NXT Champion) vs. Pete Dunne.

Adam Cole took one of the worst bumps I’ve ever seen in wrestling just last night. Now he has to take on the former NXT UK champion, who won this opportunity last night as well. There’s no way Cole is at 100% and for that reason it would make sense to do a title change. But the Undisputed Era holds all of the men’s titles in NXT and his is the only one up for grabs this evening. The UE will continue to control the titles for now. It will be close, and I’m expecting some sort of outside interference, but in the end…

Winner: Adam Cole (Bay-Bay!)

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (Smackdown champion) vs. Daniel Bryan.

The two big men’s titles just switched brands. This is the former Universal title, introduced on Raw and looking like a Fruit Roll Up. Now in it’s blue period, it will be defended in an arena bathed in red lights. Because that’s how the Fiend does things. He’s also the most intriguing character in WWE today. Plus Bryan is in a bit of a lost trying to find himself story. The two plots converge to…

Winner: The Fiend.

AJ Styles (United States Champion) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Roderick Strong (North American Champion).

There are two more of these tri-brand similar champions battles this evening, and they are hard to predict. All champions need to look strong. No titles will change in these matches. But three such matches all ending in DQ or count outs so everyone can save face would greatly upset the audiences. My thought is that each brand gets one win in these matches. For that reason alone, I’m predicting Shinsuke to win here. Most likely AJ hits a finisher on Roderick and is going for a pin. But Sami Zayn provides some sort of distraction allowing Nakamura to get the win for Smackdown.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) (Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (SmackDown Tag Team Champions) vs. The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) (NXT Tag Team Champions).

Based on previously explained logic, I think the Viking Raiders will win this one. They have been unstoppable since joining Raw. Raw gets it’s win here. Neither New Day or UE would be hurt by the loss here. After last night’s War Games it would make sense for either member of Undisputed Era to take the pin as they aren’t expected to be fully recovered.

Winners: The Viking Raiders.

Becky Lynch (Raw Women’s Champion) vs. Bayley (SmackDown Women’s Champion) vs. Shayna Baszler (NXT Women’s Champion).

Which leaves this match for NXT. Bayley is taking the pin here. Becky vs Shayna one on one is too big a match. WrestleMania level. Bayley can take the pin, still continue her story, and not seem like a lesser champion. Shayna and Becky leave with respect for each other and the fans wanting more.

Winner: Shayna Baszler.

Brock Lesnar (Raw champion) vs. Rey Mysterio. No holds barred, no DQ.

I want to think this will be something more or I’ll be surprised. But, no. Brock wins a massacre and along the way Rey is injured and retires.

Winner: Brock Lesnar.

Team Raw (Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Asuka, Kairi Sane, and Sarah Logan) vs. Team SmackDown (Sasha Banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, and Nikki Cross) vs. Team NXT (Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Bianca Belair, Io Shirai, and Toni Storm).

A Survivor Series elimination match, but with three teams. This one will be crazy to keep track of, but fun. The match continues until only one team remains. Thus at least 10 people have to be eliminated. Will there be one lone survivor? Will someone turn against their team? Will one brand dominate? A great unpredictable match awaits, and tonight there will be two such matches.

Most of Team NXT was in War Games last night and are beat up. There are also only two of these matches, so each brand can’t get a win. NXT doesn’t get the win because of last night. Rhea will be the last woman standing for the team, with the fresh Toni Storm second. I’m going to give this one to Team Raw because I want to see Dana Brooke as the last woman standing for SmackDown. All of her passion and determination to get noticed. 2020 will be her year and a great showing her would cement that. Team Raw survivors will be Charlotte Flair and Natalya.

Winners: Team Raw.

Team Raw (Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Ricochet, and Kevin Owens) vs. Team SmackDown (Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, Braun Strowman, King Corbin, and Shorty G) vs. Team NXT (TBA).

Now this one is interesting and I think it will close the show. Shawn Michaels will announce Team NXT on the pre show. Ciampa is supposed to be on the team, but after last night who knows? Kevin Owens wrestled for NXT last night but is on Team Raw. King Corbin has said Mustafa Ali doesn’t belong on the Smackdown team. I think this match closes the show and some Raw and/or SmackDown talent who started in NXT turn sides. Team NXT prediction is Ciampa, Keith Lee, Dominick, Matt Riddle, and … Velveteen Dream. Owens turns on Raw. Ali turns on Corbin, but not on SmackDown. Triple H celebrates with the NXT brand at the end and exclaims that they have taken over all of WWE.

Winners: Team NXT.

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