25 Things to Watch Instead of Thanksgiving Football.


A reader requested post!

Recently I asked my readers for content suggestions. Explaining things, reviewing, thoughts, what have you. I was asked to expand my yearly 25 Things to Watch Instead of the Super Bowl post. Now some of the rules apply but there is a big difference. There are three Thanksgiving games vs only one game on Super Bowl Sunday. So my time frame is a bit larger, which might make this easier to come up with.

The usual rules are: This has to air on regular cable. No on demand, no streaming services. This has to air during the same time as the game. Marathons count as one selection. It also has to be something I would actually watch at any other time of the year, not something chosen just to fill in the space. For example, I can’t pretend to have a sudden interest in Live PD. Nothing against it, but I’ve never watched it. Also, this is going by my hometown listings. So if you live in California and my station is playing wrestling (for example) but yours is not, it still counts for me. I cannot count what is on your service though.

Bears vs Lions is schedule for 1230-330 eastern time.

Bills vs Cowboys is at 430-

Saints and Falcons is at 820-

  1. TBS Family Guy 1230-1
  2. TBS Friends mini marathon starts at 1
  3. WGN The Matrix Reloaded at 1
  4. Nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants mini marathon
  5. Cartoon Network Gumball marathon
  6. FX Secret Life of Pets
  7. FXX Ted 2
  8. MTV 2 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air marathon
  9. Vice Stan Lee’s Super Humans
  10. FYI Storage Wars
  11. El Rey The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
  12. Boomerang Scooby Doo the WWE Mystery
  13. FX Despicable Me 3
  14. AMC Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  15. TBS The Wizard of Oz
  16. Game Show Network Family Feud marathon
  17. NickToons Lego marathon
  18. Disney XD DuckTales marathon
  19. Syfy E.T.
  20. Cartoon Network American Dad
  21. Cartoon Network Bob’s Burgers
  22. TV Land Everybody Loves Raymond marathon
  23. El Rey Five Deadly Venoms
  24. Science Bermuda Triangle: The New Secrets
  25. Heroes and Icons Star Trek block


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