Big Day on the Site.

Hey, notice anything new?

Dragon Ball Z image copyright Funimation.

Thanks to our Patreons (and take a look at the Patreon page, I’ll be changing it up soon for better rewards) enough money was raised to make the Masked Library into something special. What happened today?

The site is now a dot com, and money was spent to do that.

Also, nearly 6,000 posts from the previous site have been imported over here. That’s right. Over 10 years of previous blogging is now combined here. This cost even more money in storage for the site.

I have changed the About page, and will be adding a page of where you can find my work on other sites. All of this is not only thanks to the loyal Patreons, but also thanks to my loyal wife. She knows how much this blog means to me and the highs and lows I’ve been through in creating my blogging presence. If you read this honey, I love you.

So, take a look around. Check out the archives. I feel like I just acquired a new/old collection into the library. There are bound to be some glitches in here after adding thousands of posts. If you see a genuine one, let me know. If you see a post that’s not something I would write now – that’s called growth. I acknowledge thoughts and opinions from the past that may not come out of my mouth or hands today but are still worth keeping up as a memory.

Now, on to more reviews and thoughts and more here. Sign up for a card, and welcome to the Library.

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