Improbable Libraries Book Review.

With the new site name and creative focus ongoing, I’ve been getting into the lore of libraries. More than just a place to stash books, there is an abundance of purpose within for all walks of life. While my day job and this blog are but small parts of that world I do love being a part of said world. Over the year there will be many book reviews on this site about libraries: their histories, employees, purpose, and so on.

Today I read “Improbable Libraries” a photo collection for a variety of places that call themselves libraries. Some are the classic type with vast rows of shelves supported by loyal patrons like you and taxes. Then there are many inside this volume which only share a collection of books with what we all have come to know of as a library.

These more improbable ones answer a need in their respective communities. Carrying books by horse, camel, or mule to adults and children in the middle of no where. Supplying books for enjoyment during work commutes in print or digitally. Even solving the problem of going to the library by taking the library to the people: in parks, in stores, where ever readers may congregate.

It’s a fun look through all that libraries can be, but that might be the biggest flaw of the book as well. This is a great book to take out of the library, but I’m not spending $20-25 on it. I enjoyed flipping through the pages and seeing the variety of repositories all over the world. There’s about twenty to thirty pages of text, found in front of each section which divides up the types of libraries. Ultimately, it’s a great printed Instagram page. Here are images of cool places around the world, a little bit of words explaining each picture, and hard bound.

If you’re in a book store or library yourself, flip through the book. Check it out from your own and enjoy it. Maybe you’re the type that loves coffee table type works like this, and if so by all means add it to your own home library. As for me, I checked it out, read through it the one time, and that’s probably it for me as I explore the improbable depths of my own libraries.

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