The Annual 25 Things to Watch Instead of the Super Bowl List.

Welcome to long time readers and hello to new ones. For eight of the last eleven years I have written this column. The missed years were ones in which life was crazy and I was unable to write the column. They were not years in which I suddenly had a great interest in football.

Tonight is the … 54th? … incarnation of the biggest single night in all of sports. Next to WrestleMania of course. I’ll be searching the Roku to see if any app has the show streaming for free, with the commercials I wish to see. Two teams will battle it out and I honestly don’t know which teams and couldn’t name a single player. But ‘Mania is in 8 weeks and I can already tell you some of the matches. Priorities!

For those of you who are new, and for those of you who need a reminder, this is how the 25 Things list works. One, these have to be shows or movies that take place during the scheduled time for the Super Bowl. This year’s TV listings have it from 6:30-10 pm EST. A movie that starts at 6 cannot count, nor one that starts at 9:30 but ends well past 10. Any marathons can only count once. A marathon that extends beyond the aforementioned air time can count as long as there are individual episodes which will begin and air within that time. Anything on the list has to be something I would actually watch at any other time of year. So I can’t pretend to suddenly want to watch basketball, for example. Only cable and network channels can be used. No streaming services, no YouTube, no pay channels like HBO or pay per view. No On Demand or recorded shows. Also, these are based on my local TV listings. If your NBC affiliate is playing something different, that does not disqualify my channel. These rules are self imposed, but they are the rules I’ve put in place from the beginning. Channels have come and gone. Some of my interests have changed. But the rules hold steady.

Now, on to the list.

  1. The Big Bang Theory. MyTV. Two episodes at 7 and 7:30.
  2. America’s Funniest Home Videos. ABC. 7 and 8 PM.
  3. Batwoman. The CW. 8 PM.
  4. Futurama marathon. Syfy.
  5. American Ninja Warrior marathon. NBCSN.
  6. American Pickers marathon. History.
  7. Teen Titans. Cartoon Network. 7 and 7:30 PM.
  8. Home Movies. Cartoon Network. 8 PM.
  9. American Dad. Cartoon Network. 8:30 PM.
  10. Family Guy marathon. FXX.
  11. Doctor Who. BBC America. 8-9:10 PM.
  12. Scary Movie. El Rey. 8-10 PM.
  13. Star Trek. Heroic. 8-9 PM.
  14. Family Feud marathon. Game Show Network.
  15. Flea Market Flip marathon. Great American Country. (OK, so this one might seem odd. As part of my thrifting I have gotten into watching people buy up furniture then flipping it. I don’t have the money or space to do so, but I love watching it. I’ve seen many episodes of this show through Hulu and I have no idea how or why it’s on a country music channel, but I’d still watch it.)
  16. The Munsters. Cozi TV. 6:30-7 PM. (Find Cozi in the higher up digital channels, around 1200s.)
  17. Supergirl. The CW. 9-10 PM.
  18. Bob’s Burgers. Cartoon Network. 9:30-10 PM.
  19. The Simpsons. FXX. 9 and 9:30 PM.
  20. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air marathon. MTV2.
  21. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Heroic. 9 PM.
  22. Be Cool, Scooby Doo. Boomerang. 9 and 9:30 PM.
  23. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon. Disney XD. 9:30 PM.
  24. Collector’s Call. MeTV. 9:30 PM.
  25. The Tom and Jerry Show. Boomerang. 6:30 PM.


This year’s list was actually tough to compile. As every major studio is creating their own streaming services, a lot of content is getting pulled. Shows that were popular in years past aren’t anymore. Then there’s all sorts of content that no longer has a home. I used to have half of this list taken care of just from what was on G4 before that channel died. Next year’s list with Apple, Peacock, and more services will probably be the toughest one yet and fall short of 25 selections.

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