Sabritas Peanuts Food Review.

Recently my local Walmart got rid of their entire “ethnic” food section. Asian, Hispanic, and more foods were cleared out and shoved into a clearance section. My curious stomach saw cheaper prices on foods I always wanted to try and started throwing things into the cart. I didn’t stop until my wife gave me that look. Yup, that’s the one. So let’s rip open some bags and maybe I can convince some of my fellow Anglo readers to give a try to an unfamiliar snack.

I bought two bags of peanuts from the Sabritas brand. Salt and Lime, and “Japanese”. The first is easy to figure out what to expect, but what exactly is Japanese flavor?

Salt and Lime was exactly that. Good quality peanuts with the salt kick and that little hint of something else. These would be perfect as a bar snack and yes, with a Corona or similar beverage. As I was making my way through the bag I continued to fantasize about this scenario. Hanging out in the back yard with a lawn chair, cooler of beers, some music, and a community bowl of these nuts. Light a couple Tiki torches as the sun goes down and as guests depart hear a chorus of “we need to do this again soon!”

Now the Japanese ones though. These were a revelation. Peanuts with based on the ingredients some sort of soy corn shell surrounding them. I can’t remember the last time I ate a bag of anything so fast. I was torn between sharing them so others could experience the joy and wanting to keep every last one of them to myself. I really cannot suggest this enough. I’m currently on the search for more of them and a section of the cupboard is reserved for hoarding. This isn’t a snack for during a game, or gathering, or whatever reason. This is an immediate rocket food jumping up to permanent go to snack top ranking.

I could have taken this money for my multi thousandth bag of Doritos but instead I took a risk and discovered a new favorite that is only hurt by it’s lack of availability in my area.

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