The Secret in Robert Pattinson’s Batman Costume

Most of us saw the Batman teaser that came out just a couple hours ago. Pattinson in test footage of the suit. Bathed in red for who knows why.

Someone better than me took this image and adjusted the coloring. Interesting details emerge.

What an odd shape for the logo. Why is this? Well a story from Detective #1000 from Kevin Smith and Jim Lee has the answers.

Stunning. Shocking. Morbid. Yet perfect for the character. All this in one image plus rumors this movie will be based on Long Halloween.

This could be really good.

(Images are copyright Warner Bros, DC Comics. No ownership implied or intended. Solely here for journalistic, review, and reaction. Go buy some comics!

One comment

  1. So looking forward to this. I like that detail about the gun, but to me the logo looks like he could pull it out and become some kind of batarang.

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