CD Review a Go-Go Volume 2.

Yesterday’s post was a hit, so it’s time for more! I have a stack of CDs that I’ve listened to in the car, at home, and all points in between over the last month. Many more are on the way so I need to get through some of these. These aren’t brand new releases, but records found within the stacks.

Jay-Z and Linkin Park: Collison Course. I’ve actually had this CD for a year or so. A singular less than a dollar pick up from a random yard sale. Taking 6 of each artist’s biggest hits and then throwing them in the blender. And it works! Somehow it works. This is an incredible album for rock fans, rap fans, both, those in between. It’s just ridiculously good. A great one to throw in the car and surprise your passenger. “What is this?!” It’s art, son!

Rush: Chronicles. When Neil Peart died I dug through the archives of all Rush albums and chose this one. As a two disc best of for the band I felt this would really showcase not only what people loved about Peart’s skills but the entire band. Two CDs, 28 songs, and I was left… meh. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and respect all the love for Rush. Some songs go well beyond prog rock into iconic. A three man band that sounds like thirty. I’m supportive of all of you who believe they are the greatest band ever and have “2112” tattooed somewhere on your body. But it didn’t do the trick for me. I listened to the album, appreciated it, and will probably never listen to the whole thing again.

Marilyn Manson: The Pale Emperor. For those of you who fell off after “Sweet Dreams” you have no idea. This right now is my favorite Manson album and in my best of the decade list. He rules rock and Hollywood, but who or what does he actually lord over? Anything that’s worth it? I can’t find it but I remember a Manson interview that came out during this album’s publicity tour in which he said this is when he felt the most like God. Hang on, wait for the explanation. The man behind the performer feels he has taken this character of Marilyn Manson as far as he can. The persona and reality are no longer separate. He feels it might be time to end the persona. This he feels is God like, he created this new entity out of nothing and now might have to destroy it. The entire album is full of deep lyrics and incredible music. Even those of you who feel he’s the boogeyman are really missing out by skipping this record.

The Sword: High Country. This one was a welcome surprise and a deep dive is imminent. Take a jam band like Phish or Wilco. Imagine one of their guitarists leave. The brand new guitarist has a thrash metal background and the band says screw it, we’ll make it work! That is The Sword. A seamless integration of musical styles that should not work but hot damn it does and it does it well. That is with this particular CD because scratched all to hell. I had to skip whole tracks and I still loved every bit of this. I’ll be checking out a couple more albums from the band soon. My only complaint is so far these are check outs from my local library and I want to own these.


That’s all for this round of CD reviews. Stay tuned for more. If you’re an artist or a band that would like your work reviewed, check out the CONTACT page.

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