CD Review a Go-Go Volume 3.

This is the final stack of what I have gone through recently. Stay tuned for more CD reviews in the future. But I have to listen to them first. This batch is full of compilations. Let’s take a look.

Scream 3 soundtrack. A lot, a LOT of rock/metal bands from 1999/2000. Creed is credited as producer of the album, and the band appears twice. “What If” is a big well known song and it opens the record. Slipknot, System of a Down, and Staind. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dope’s “Debonaire” in the middle of the album. The best part of this is I found the CD at home. My wife loves the Scream franchise and had bought all the soundtracks. This one features more bands I’m into than she has ever liked. Very fun mix of rock and metal bands from this era.

Rock Out Loud. A cheap compilation from Roadrunner Records and Rhino. Good mix of metal bands under contract to those labels at the time of 2011. Stone Sour, Korn, Megadeth and more. My favorite was a familiar song but one I hadn’t heard in too long, Type O Negative’s “Christian Woman”. A nice mix of metal songs but all it really accomplished was driving me to get Type O’s albums.

Salvation Volume 1. This was an FYE store exclusive from Rhino. Better than the Rock Out Loud mix. This one features Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath, Dragonforce, Pantera and more. It’s a huge loud crunching CD. It’s also the best discovery I had from this mix. Previous to listening I had not heard anything from Mastodon. I was aware there was a band with that name, but that was it. “Colony of Birchmen” was a wow from me from the first seconds. It was different and demanded attention. Moments later I was home and looking up their back catalog on YouTube. That’s what compilations like this are meant to do.

Imperial: We Sail at Dawn. One day I stopped into the local thrift shop hoping for something new. A book, movie, anything that I never heard of before. Buried in the CDs was this record. I knew nothing. It looks like a metal band but there’s only one way to find out. I bought it without hearing a note and then kept it in the car for months. Because I played it near daily. I guess melodic death metal is the best description I can give. “Remember Hell” is a musical masterpiece. I couldn’t believe that everything I was hearing could blend into one song. And sound incredible. “With Blood Comes Cleansing” has the most dual opposite dueling singing I’ve heard in some time and it’s the stand out moment. Unfortunately, it looks like Imperial didn’t release anything after this album. Which is a shame because there was something here. Still in a creation phase, but close to being special.

Imperial is by far the top pick of this batch.

Stay tuned for more album reviews and if you would like yours considered, head to the CONTACT page.

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