Hulk: Omega Hulk Book 1 Graphic Novel Review.

From Marvel Comics. Issues 5-10 written by Gerry Duggan, penciled by Mark Bagley, inked by Drew Hennessy, colors by Jason Keith. Letters by VC’s Cory Petit. Annual #1 written by Monty Nero. Chapter 1 artists Luke Ross and Le Beau L. Underwood. Prologue and Chapter 2 artist Patrick Goddard. Chapter 3 artist Marc Laming. Colorist Monty Nero. Letterer VC’s Cory Petit.

This is volume two of this version of the Hulk comic book series. Originally out in 2015.

This review is perfectly timed for today to go along with my appearance on the Sequel Quest podcast. I join the crew to fantasy write a sequel to the Incredible Hulk movie. Take a listen to find out what we came up with.

Sequel Quest Podcast Incredible Hulk episode. 


This Hulk comic is insane. Hulk is not using Banner’s brain, which we have seen before. Instead the Hulk has Banner’s intelligence. Maybe then some. This new version is called “Doc Green”. He is taking science places that Banner never would, maybe never could. Nano technology, adamantium mixed in, the Hulk’s own blood used. The amount of creations taking what has previously existed within Marvel and turning it inside out should be picked up and run with to how it affects the entire Marvel Universe.

On the podcast I was asked how many Hulk comics are in my collection, and it’s not that many. Now, this series has jumped to the top of my search list. I need to see how the story started and where it went. The current series, the Immortal Hulk, is getting lots of attention and rightfully so. This series needs much more attention though. I don’t think the Hulk has ever been scarier than with a military, scientific, mathematical, damn near without emotion mind running the green tank. It’s a full blown I can’t tell you too much because it would spoil the run which needs to be added into the upper echelon of must read graphic novels.

I try to give credit to creators, because this didn’t happen without all of them. But while reading a comic I don’t pay a ton of attention to who wrote, draw, inked, or colored. Because of that I had to go through the book again because Mark Bagley drew this?! Bagley who helped launch the New Warriors and then went on to follow McFarlane and Larsen on Spider-Man and do it so very well. While he’s always been a great artist this shows near 20 years of improvement. I see classic Bagley work that made Speedball and the rest of the New Warriors look amazing, but there’s so much more. He takes everything previously true about the Hulk and works it into this new version. The fights are big and easy to follow through all the chaos. The Hulk is bigger than everyone, and every other gamma powered character is a different size. There’s nothing worse than seeing the Hulk and Wolverine (for example, not in the book) drawn the same size. Bagley draws characters looking inches shorter than each other. All of the tech looks like it works. I’m blown away by how well every panel works.

I think I fantasy wrote a pretty fun sequel but there’s not a chance I could have written something that’s able to pull decades of history together and direct it into a brand new path.



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