The House Show Podcast Episode 1

Today saw the exciting launch of my new podcast, The House Show!

Presented by The Retro Network. This podcast was inspired by the world being on lockdown thanks to the Coronavirus. Every week join me, and two of my best friends as we go through the classic pay per view series from the 1990’s, WWF’s In Your House.

The IYH events were WWF’s attempt to answer their competition beginning monthly pay per views. These shows were one hour shorter than the big PPVs and a cheaper price as well. The series lasted for 27 shows, taking place in the off months between the big PPVs.

A house show in the world of professional wrestling is a non televised event. A show just for the people who are there live. This podcast goes out to all of you trying to flatten the curve. From us while we’re stuck in our houses.

Listen to the first episode at this LINK.

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