Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man vs Dracula Book Review

Adapted by Chris “Doc” Wyatt.

Based on Marvel’s animated series Ultimate Spider-Man


What a fun children’s book!

This is your standard 8×8 short quick read based on a popular character for kid. Frequently found in book stores on a spinner rack similar to where comics used to be displayed on. This book is an adaptation of two episodes of the same named cartoon.

Nick Fury sends Spider-Man and the other teenage super heroes in S.H.I.E.L.D. training to a cemetery on Halloween night. There the undead are attacking, and its Blade to the rescue! This got crazy real fast. The heroes have to find a mystical ankh before Dracula does. But he does find it! And he turns the other heroes bad. So Spider-Man needs more help and it comes from the classic Fury team the Howling Commandos. But this isn’t your Commandos straight from a World War II battlefield. No, this is Marvel’s new version with a familiar name. It is the creatures of the night version of the Howling Commandos!

Coming to his aid are: The Living Mummy, The Monster of Frankenstein, Werewolf by Night, and their version of the big guy – Man-Thing!

Believe me, I did not expect to read two Man-Things stories in the last week, but here we are.

This was a ridiculously fun story. Capturing the essence of the cartoon with a little Spider-Man that talks directly to the readers. Witty remarks, inner thoughts, and more to keep kids (and adults like me) entertained throughout. The art is lifted near directly from the cartoon, which is a well liked and respected series. That show is on Disney + and I’ll be seeking out these episodes not only this week, but probably a rewatch around Halloween time.

The 70’s monster characters from Marvel were shelved for many years and thankfully receive a bit of love now as comics bring more variety to their publishing schedule. Traditional super heroes are great. But that world becomes even greater adding on corners of horror, sci-fi, western, and more to the hub of big city centered heroics.

The book is about a 7-8 year old reading level. Challenging, but not overwhelming. Young readers who already are interested in series like this will surprise you with their knowledge and pronunciation of some of the larger words. As a bonus, the book comes with stickers! A variety that includes everything from logos to full characters that would have looked great on a Colorforms background.


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