War and Peas Review.

“Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers” From Jonathan Kunz & Elizabeth Pich.

This book came up as a library suggestion and I couldn’t have been more grateful. This is exactly the sort of twisted humor that I love. More adult than Pearls Before Swine but on that same level. Deceptively simple art that isn’t and a ridiculously smart dark humor. The kind of humor that becomes a measuring stick. You either get a comic strip like this or you don’t. And if you don’t, well, those of us who do might look down at you from now on.

Vampires, witches, ghosts, robots, and more with the most absurd interactions beyond what one could imagine. Well, at least two can imagine it. And I’m glad they got together to make this comic. A comic which I read this book and immediately set it down so I could follow the strip across all of social media. Look kids, more comics! Thank you for this social media gift.

The existence of the book is a testament to what web comics can be. Absolutely unapologetic. I think this cartoon I made is funny, if you don’t, who cares. There’s not the weight of thousands of newspapers and what their readers might find offensive. You’re offended? Keep moving. There’s lots more internet out there for you. We’ll be over here being cool and ridiculous.

Taking links or screenshots of War and Peas to share is the new cut out of the newspaper and put on the fridge or your office cubicle wall. An exclamation of personal tastes. A shorthand if you get this then you get me. I don’t want to repeatedly reference another strip, but not since Pearls have I become an instant obsessed fan of a comic strip.

While the world falls apart around us all, take these four panels to support yourself. Unbelievable times need absurd humor to get through. There’s not a present work that fills that need more than this book.

Absolutely get your fix of this strip too at the official War and Peas site.

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