Seamus the Famous Graphic Novel Review.

by Christopher Ring

Published by Action Lab Entertainment.

(A review copy was provided by Action Lab Entertainment.)

If you love comics of any kind you are going to love this book. Echos of previous greats and taking that into brave new dragon head shaped lands. This comic is 66 pages for $3.99 on Kindle or ComiXology or $9.99 for a paperback (June 23) and that is put a pittance to spend on something you’ll want to read over and over again then share with every kid and kid at heart that you know.

Get it digital first today at this link!

Seamus is an imaginative child. More interested in having fun than getting his work done. I can’t blame him. He’s joined with his furry best friend with a bit of attitude, a cat named Fitcher. Seamus’s mom asks them to take out the trash. A bunch of broken playthings and scraps of other things. This isn’t garbage to these two creative minds. This is the spark of adventure!

Inspired by this garbage/treasure Seamus and Fitcher begin an epic pirate tale. Pirates, ninja, submarine, ships, an orphanage, love, dangerous animals, and so much more. It starts off as a deceptively simple cute story. Then the treasure hunt begins and multiple times I yelled at the page. “Are you kidding me?!” Twists and turns along the way that were more exciting than most comics today. Every bit of it made sense too! Not a single bit felt stretched or out of no where. Something this well written should have been shouted from rooftops and shared across the playground.

Well written goes hand in hand with well drawn. Where did Christopher Ring come from and is his childhood comic book store still open? I see echoes of Pogo, Calvin and Hobbes, Eightball, and so much more. It is cartoony and rich in detail. Fluid like water but leaps out of the panels with a spring. Colorful characters and locations. Every one of them easy to love or love to hate. Where is the 2020 comic book magazine to champion this series much like Wizard Magazine put Bone on a pedestal?

I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin any of this story. The submarine is fantastic. The treasure is inspired. And if my wife’s new kitten showed up today instead of a couple weeks ago I would have pushed for Fitcher as his name.


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