Wrestling Trunkated: WWE Money in the Bank 2020.

The spoiler filled and quick to read recap column. For those who want to watch wrestling but don’t have time to watch ALL of it every week.

New Day vs Lucha House Party vs Miz and Morrison vs Forgotten Sons. Smackdown tag team title match.

New Day wins when Big E pins Gran Metalik.

Morrison takes Gran Metalik for a Spanish Fly to everyone else on the floor. Forgotten Sons beat up the Mexican tag team and the Black tag team.

Lot of spots. Fair. 8 man tag on Smackdown was better.

R-Truth vs MVP doesn’t happen. MVP steps aside when Bobby Lashley comes out.

Lashley wins a squash match.

Kayla Braxton interviews Bayley and Sasha Banks. It’s all Bayley, teasing the dissension.

Bayley defeats Tamina with a crucifix roll up. Bayley is amazing here. Loud trash talking and great wrestling. Tamina hits a super kick and Samoan drop and almost wins but Sasha gets her attention and Bayley recovered.

Braun Strowman hits a power slam on Bray Wyatt for the pin. Wyatt is great here. So much good character work and he’s just a better wrestler. The puppets show up. Braun puts on the old mask and Bray thinks he’s won until Braun turns. Fiend tease.

Match is good for Bray. Not for Braun.

Drew McIntyre beats Seth Rollins with a Claymore.

Great match. Drew is so big and strong but also a hell of a wrestler. Seth is better as a heel. Tons of near falls. By far match of the night. Also, Samoa Joe is fantastic on commentary.

Drew comes back and offers his hand to Seth. They shake and Drew says thank you for the match. He’s going to be champ for awhile.

Kayla Braxton interviews R-Truth. Usual odd things but Truth is going to get back the 24/7 title. About time.

Money in the Bank

So much! Asuka dive. Weight room. Brother Love. Elevators. Yes chants. (Not) Doink. Fake briefcase. Stephanie. Undertaker haunts AJ. Paul Heyman buffet. Food fight. Shayna vs Rey. Otis and Nia. Table break. John Lauranitis. Dana wet floor. Vince! And we’ve finally arrived at the roof.

Women on the roof first. Very different match editing. No announcers. The men are here too. Asuka and King Corbin fight!

Asuka wins the women’s briefcase. I would say that’s unexpected. Three of the women never made it to the ring.

Otis breaks the ladder steps. Corbin throws Rey and Aleister “off” the side. AJ and Corbin fight. Both have the case. Elias out of no where hits Corbin with guitar. Briefcase drops and Otis catches it!

Too much comedy. Too much editing. Good try though. Women got shorted. Drew and Seth is match of the night. Go listen to Bayley and Bray.

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