Vintage Ads: Wash Mobile

There is not a chance this thing fully cleans a family size load of laundry in 6 minutes. Our washer and dryer cycle is about 90 minutes. Maybe two hours. Then folding. That’s for 3 of us. A small size family.

Oh. Hey. Welcome to the latest feature on here. Vintage Ads. A couple years ago, much to the upset of my wife, I came home with two giant totes full of vintage magazine ads. I sold some of them on eBay. But most are sitting there. I could probably sell them for a dollar each or in lots for slightly more but that means I’m losing money on ink, packaging, etc.

These advertisements are gorgeous though. So many things forgotten. Ideas that wouldn’t fly today. It’s history. So I’m going through these and picking out the most interesting to share here. Without exaggeration, this will take years.

I was only able to find one more post about the wash mobile from 10 pages of Google searches. An eBay sale that is in great shape.

Nothing against the idea. I’m sure it would be great for small apartments. Any living space with limited room. There’s no way it’s actually convenient for an entire family. I would also think mixing random hose full of water from your house with the nearest electrical outlet may not always work out.

Of course more clothing was dry cleaned then. “Oh dear, did you pick up the dry cleaning.” “I’m sorry June, I was held up at the office. Where’s my dinner and slippers?” The family size wash load may have been much smaller. Enough that this unit would be more feasible.

Who knows what other treasures will be unearthed in the future? Hang out with me for more.

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