NXT TakeOver In Your House Predictions.

Welcome to any and all listeners of The House Show. For any of you who don’t usually read my personal blog, I try to predict the outcomes of pay per views. Who will win. Why. Where that wrestler might be going next in the larger story. I’m right over half the time. Oh it’s true. Even won some contests.

Each and every Thursday, The House Show puts on our nostalgia goggles and we rewatch the mid 1990’s series of WWF In Your House events. Imagine our surprise when this name was brought back for the WWE’s third brand NXT. NXT was where the young and new could train to become better wrestlers. Good enough to be brought up to Raw or Smackdown. Over the last few years though it has morphed into an equal platform. Still a place where people can learn how to be better wrestlers but also a home for some of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. This isn’t a “B” show. Tonight will see some amazing wrestling. If we were counting this show in our In Your House rankings or best match list there is a great chance it would top both lists.

But what will we all see on tonight’s show and who do I think will win?

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Karrion Kross (with Scarlett).

Kross just debuted and clearly has the support of WWE behind him. Tommaso could absorb a defeat without losing momentum. I’m fully predicting Kross to win and continue building himself up in NXT. If for any reason he loses it will be via DQ for being too violent against Ciampa.

Winner: Karrion Kross.

Charlotte Flair (NXT Women’s champion) vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai.

I don’t feel Flair vs Ripley is done as an ongoing story. Also, Charlotte has done well wrestling across all three brands. Io is the odd woman out and rumors are strong she will be debuting on Raw or Smackdown soon. I think this will be an over booked finish in order to keep all women looking strong. Io will take the fall. Charlotte will get the victory. But it will be Rhea who hit the finishing move that caused Io’s defeat.

Winner: Charlotte Flair.

Finn Bálor vs. Damian Priest.

Absolutely nothing against Priest but this isn’t his moment. He’ll look strong. He’ll look like a stronger contender than he does going into this. But no way he beats Finn.

Winner: Finn Balor.

Mia Yim, Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox vs. Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai and Raquel González.

I think this match might steal the show. Out of all the women in this match, Candice is receiving the most attention currently on NXT. Losing this kind of match doesn’t hurt anyone. It will be a great way to show off the diversity and talents of their women’s division.

Winners: Candice, Dakota, and Raquel.

Keith Lee (NXT North American champion) vs. Johnny Gargano.

I don’t want Lee to lose. I’m a huge fan of him and think he’s definitely a future WWE World champion. Because of that belief, I can see him losing the title here and moving on to grander title reigns. Plus, Gargano has actually been a good heel since his turn and would make a lot of sense as a heel champion.

Winner and new champion: Johnny Gargano.

Adam Cole (NXT champion) vs. Velveteen Dream.

Last Chance Backlot Brawl for the NXT Championship.
If Dream loses, he can no longer challenge for the NXT Championship while Cole is still champion.

There’s so much going on here. Last chance. Adam Cole is rumored to have not signed a new contract yet. Velveteen is rumored to move to Raw or Smackdown soon. Cole is the longest reigning NXT champion. Dream has never held the title. It’s a “cinematic” match. It was taped off site. All of these things taken into consideration, I think Dream wins tonight but it’s a short reign. Fans will be led to believe Cole is not staying in NXT until he is a surprise opponent and beats Dream for the title. But it has to start with…

Winner and new champion: Velveteen Dream.


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