Comic Book Pull List for May 2020.

Every month I try to go through the Previews catalog and pick out my wish list of comic books. There is not a chance I could buy all of these for cover price.  Doing some quick dirty math if I average these comics to $4 an issue I’m looking at a minimum of … $116 for May. Also, comics are still catching up from the Coronavirus shut down. These comics were originally coming out in May but will be trickling into stores now and over the next month.

I post my retro themed picks as a separate article over at The Retro Network.

Here are the comics that got my interest and in a better financial setting they would also get my money.

Here’s a lot from Marvel Comics to start:

Empyre #3

I am very intrigued by this Kree and Skrull unified army attacking Earth story. But there are so many cross overs and side books. Also there is a long line of “epic” Marvel stories over the last 10-20 years that have left me feeling disappointed. When this story is complete, I’ll probably read it all.

Empyre: Avengers #2

The Avengers take the fight to multiple locations. New York, Mexico, the Savage Land, and what is Man-Thing doing here?

Empyre: Ghost Rider #1

I know Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance but who or what is the Spirit of Corruption and the Spirit of Pollution?

The Union #1

The events of Empyre affect the entire world. This is a new team of heroes based in the United Kingdom. I’ve always thought comics should explore heroes and villains from around the world more and this sounds like a good exploration across the pond.

Hellions #3

I really need to figure out what’s going on with Hellions. Oh, and this has a cool cover.

Champions #2

More interesting than Empyre is this Outlawed story taking place across the teen super hero titles. This ban on heroes under 21 is affecting young people trying to do right from coast to coast. Maybe the closest Marvel will come these days to addressing real world issues.

New Warriors #2

Psionex returns! The original New Warriors nemesis team returns to beat down the new class.

Avengers #34

Moon Knight vs the Avengers continues!

Strikeforce #9

King Deadpool’s Monster Island battle royale!

How to Read Comics the Marvel Way #2

Spider-Man needs to make a comic in order to free New Yorkers frozen in time!




From DC Comics:

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1

The main Earth in DC Comics is about to fall right into the Dark Mutliverse. Evil darker versions of characters we know and love attack and make everything worse. Metal was a good series so I’m curious how this one turns out. I’m also expecting Black Metal next year.

Flash #756

Debuting the Reverse-Flash family.

Harley Quinn #73 (variant)

I just want this wrestling themed variant cover.

Red Hood: Outlaw #46. 

For one reason, look how cool Bizarro is on this cover!


The rest of the catalog:

A Man Among Ye #1 (from Image Comics). 

Anne Bonny and Mary Read female pirate tales. I’m fully expecting this to get a movie or TV deal.

Lonely Receiver #1 (from Aftershock)

This sounds like one of the most disturbing ideas in awhile. Imagine a world where you can buy an Artificial Intelligence life partner. Now, 10 years later she disconnects. What is “real”? What is a relationship? Is the hurt and pain of losing a loved one any less valid?

Sympathy for No Devils #1 (from Aftershock)

There is one human left in a world of monsters and he investigates crimes! Aftershock is fast becoming a home for new creative mind blowing ideas.


The Man Who F’d Up Time #4 (from Aftershock)

Things get worse when humans are near extinction thanks to one fool messing with the time stream.

Penultiman #1 (from Ahoy)

The next to last stage of human evolution and his android understudy, Antipenultiman.

The Monster Men #1 (from American Mythology)

Gothic monsters and horror and gore inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Voting is Your Superpower (from Clover)

During the Cold War, the Red Scare, and the Civil Rights era companies made free comics to teach the importance of voting. This is a collection of some of those titles.

Ninja Sex Party Volume 1: Origins (from Fantoons)

The nerd rock band with catchy as hell songs tell their story in a double biography that continues until the two main characters’ individual stories meet up.

Bone Adventures Volume 1: Finders Keepers (from Graphix)

Two brand new Bone stories for kids. Pick up anything Bone right now before Netflix debuts their animated series and it becomes the biggest property on the planet.

Stan’s Soapbox Collection (from Hero Initiative)

All of Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics columns from 1967 to 1980 are collected within. This is tops on my list and I think will become a necessary addition to all comic book history shelves.

Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou (from Scout)

Mutant turtle in a nuclear poisoned wasteland hunting illegal scavengers and minors.

Conspiracy: Black Knight Satellite (from Zenescope)

The Black Knight Satellite is one of the creepiest true things in the world. Is it junk? Is it alien? This comic will look into what it is and isn’t and then ruin the rest of your day as you google search this thing.

Wonder 3 (from Digital Manga Distribution)

Three aliens exploring Earth disguise themselves as three common animals. Adventures with crazy powers ensue. From Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy and so much more). This sounds like something that would have been a beloved classic from Disney and it’s a shame it’s not well known in the Western world.


That’s all the books I thought looked cool. If I missed anything, let me know, tell me how good it is and maybe I’ll check that out too.

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