Carthago Volume 1: The Fortuna Island Lagoon Review.

by Christophe Bec (Author), Eric Henninot (Artist), Milan Jovanovic (Colorist). Published by Humanoids.

It has been awhile since I was disappointed by a comic. The Carthago story continues across many books and I was excited to read about a giant Megalodon shark unleashed in the modern world. This should be a basic story that doesn’t need much other than the threat of a giant shark.

However, this series keeps adding more and more to such a simple story. Family drama. A kid with maybe psychic abilities. An evil corporation. Oil rigs. Underground caves. All of this in the first volume. It continues to get more and more complicated. It’s a giant shark story. How complicated does it need to be?

The art is great though. Animal anatomy, backgrounds, panel flow. All of it is top notch.

But I don’t need to read a complicated Game of Thrones soap opera about a giant shark. Every added complication took me further out of the story until I struggled to finish this volume and now have no desire to continue the series.

My reviews are usually longer but that’s how negative I felt about this title. I didn’t find it worth writing about any more than this .

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