My Comic Pull List for March 2020.

“But it’s almost July!”

I know. I wrote my retro pull list for this month over at The Retro Network and then I never did my own list. After all of the work I put into reading and notes I want something to show for it. This was a packed month of titles too.

Reminder, this list is not what I am actually buying. It is what I would like to buy given an unlimited budget and time to read it all. 31 titles at an average of $4 each means all of this would run me $124 at least. Instead I like to use this as a reminder, as a way to search back issues later, or to remember what series I was interested in when the graphic novels come out.

Thankfully my Previews catalog comes from my local comic shop each and every month. Check out your local shop and support them during this crazy time for small businesses.

With all of that out of the way, here’s what I thought looked cool for March.

From Marvel comics:

Strange Academy #1

Magic is becoming a bigger power/threat in the Marvel Universe. Who will teach the young wielders how to go about life with these powers? Dr Strange forms his own school with guest teachers from across Marvel’s history.

Spider-Man Noir #1

This alternate version of Spider-Man is about to start a globe spanning adventure in 1939. Was there something else happening in the world at that time? I’m sure this will be a quiet tale.

Hellions #1

I’m debating on collecting this series as tribute to my former persona. This team also has the most random members that 90’s X-Men fans will get a kick out of.

Outlawed #1

Teen superheroes have been banned. Now it’s time for those same heroes to step up against what they view as an unjust law.

Immortal Hulk #32 and #33

A two part story featuring Xemnu the Titan. I think this forgotten character originated in the 1970’s and has been mostly forgotten since. A great use of Marvel’s history.

Savage Avengers #11

I never saw Dr Strange and Elektra as a potential couple but I’m curious where this goes.

Avengers #32

This looks like the Avengers true greatest enemies united against them. An all star villain list.

Fantastic Four #20

A Mole Man kaiju? Sold. This sounds like a perfect threat for the Four.

Dr Strange #4

The return of Dr Druid! One of the most forgotten Avengers ever. Let’s see what he’s up to.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier #2

Get these MF’ing Hydra agents off my MF’ing train!

Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #7

The Agents battle space dragons. This is the kind of crazy stuff I love in comics.

Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown #2

Conan vs Black Cat in Las Vegas.

Conan the Barbarian #14

This sounds like the seven challenges of Hercules through Conan. I could be wrong but I’m curious.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 and #2

Follow the adventures of the bounty hunter that betrayed Boba Fett, and find out how he’s still alive.

From DC comics:

DCeased: Unkillables #2

A handful of heroes and villains remain in a DC world overrun by zombies. Tough decisions are made and decisions will surprise you.

John Constantine: Hellblazer #5

John becomes the Magelord of England. This sounds like a great way to take the character in fresh directions.


Other Publishers:

On the Stump #2 (Image)

Politics and pro wrestling.

Savage Dragon #251 (Image)

Malcom Dragon survived issue 250, but now how does he rebuild?

GI Joe #7 (IDW)

In this alternate world where Cobra wins, this is the flashback issue to find out how.

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #274 (IDW)

“Cobra Commander wants a Snake Eyes of his own.” No matter how he tries this it’s going to be cool. Clones, get a Joe to switch sides, bump up a familiar character, introduce a new one?

(Even from March, this book looks to be delayed.)

King of Nowhere #1 (Boom)

When a man wakes up in a world of misfits the scariest part will be discovering how he got there.

Join the Future #1 (Aftershock)

Mega cities are swallowing up everything. A handful of rural citizens remain and this story begins a battle to remain free.

The Man Who F’d Up Time #2 (Aftershock)

The Man must face an enemy who is also the Man. This series is turning time travel and its consequences upside down.

Billionaire Island #1 (Ahoy)

Where the rich go to do awful things in secret and where our hero is going in order to shut them down.

Super Duck #1 (Archie)

Why? Why is Archie doing a super powered fowl book in 2020? I’m too curious why this exists.

The Resistance #1 (AWA)

From J Michael Straczynski. Hundreds of millions die after a global disaster but then thousands manifest powers. This was solicited in January and is half way to reality as I type.

Archangel 8 #1 (AWA)

All about the mysterious eighth archangel.

Dryad #1 (Oni)

A new fantasy title from Kurtis Wiebe! Long long time readers will remember reviews of some of his earlier work before Rat Queens. Very curious what he’s doing next.

Backtrack #2 (Oni/Lionforge)

Fast and Furious. Blood Drive. Rat Race. Mad Mad World. Plus everything crazy comic books can throw at the reader.


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