At Odds with Wrestling Homework – UXWA Dawn of a New Era.

It might be July but summer school is in session. Joe and Adam from the At Odds with Wrestling podcast have assigned their listeners another wrestling show to watch in preparation for the next episode. I use this as an excuse to watch something different and get a new post up. This week’s homework is from Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling Alliance show on February 8, 2020 in Lakewood, Ohio. It’s time for the Dawn of a New Era.

I had not seen anything from UXWA before this show. Some wrestlers were familiar, or at least their names, but the majority of the show was brand new everything for me. I came into this not knowing face, heel, feuds, characters, none of it.

And I loved this show.

This is why independent wrestling is so great. There is something Universal about the battle between good and evil that anyone can watch this story with zero history and get into it immediately. I was drawn in by the first match and then just sat back to enjoy the entire show.

A disclaimer for this one, that I wouldn’t do for a WWE show. These are independent wrestlers. Most if not all have day jobs to support their dream. If any match or wrestler didn’t click with me that is nothing against them personally. It also doesn’t mean I could see a match they did the day before or day after and love it. Nor is any of this a comment on any of them as a person. This is just based on the in ring action I watched on this show. All indy wrestlers deserve respect for risking everything just to entertain.

Dominic Garrini vs. Nolan Edwards.

First match and I already want to see one of these guys with a national company. Dom is ridiculously good. Not only wrestling, but his strikes and aggression. For some reason seeing him reminded me of seeing Samoa Joe for the first time. I know I’m seeing a monster that is a valid threat to any other wrestler. Then when Nolan fights back he instantly gains my respect as well. First match, I had not seen either of these guys before, and I’m given a story and match psychology that I can easily get into. I was engrossed in this match. This must have been great live. I could feel the crowd getting excited for a night of wrestling. Dominic won but Nolan should be proud of his work. Dom is now a name I’ll be looking for on future independent shows.

Bit Coin Boiz vs Rip City Shooters.

Bit Coin Boiz are the tag champs and to put it lightly, this is controversial. They are seen as too small and have a manager that constantly interferes. The battle starts out in the crowd, across the bar, into the bathroom, and I’m stunned. This is not how I thought this match would start. I was expecting the Shooters to beat down the smaller Boiz but this brawl is actually more even playing field. A smaller team that I thought would be a joke now has respect and that continues when the match finally makes its way to the ring. The near falls and the interference were great. I was fooled numerous times. I can’t tell if the Shooters are that big or just that big compared to BCB. I would love to see both of these teams against other teams. I also want to know how many times these two teams have faced off. Everything clicked here for a really fun match. BCB sneaks out with the win and I’m ready for the rematch.

DCR and Parker Pierce vs Adam Slade and Levi Everett.

Calling this a comedy match would be a disservice. This was a different tag team match style than the previous match but also really good. Sure, there were comedy moments – that’s going to happen in a match with an Amish wrestler (Levi). But all four men also busted their ass and put on a really entertaining match. This was just fun. Just a flat out fun match that didn’t have anything else put upon it like titles or a gimmick but didn’t need any of that. I drifted off a little wondering if under Amish religion rules, could one of their members be a professional wrestler? Also I want Levi’s churn to be the source of his powers like Undertaker’s urn. Levi the Amish Mortician. Coming to a youth center near you. Hopefully near me too.

Worldwide vs Frankie Flynn.

Worldwide is the Hardcore Asylum champion but changes the name of that title to the Intergalactic championship. This is a quick fight that Worldwide ends up winning and the first time I found myself wanting to know more. For one, is Flynn’s metal plate in his skull a gimmick or legit? Because him eating head shots without any reaction is an engrossing twist in a match. I’m also not sure if Worldwide is supposed to seem screwed up in the head or eccentric or weird of what. He did need new pants throughout this match though. It’s called a title, not a belt. Belts hold up your pants. Goddamn pal!

Chase Oliver vs. Calvin Tankman.

This match is a consequence of me assuming I know what’s going on in wrestling. I thought for sure Tankman (and really, let’s call him Tank Man) was the star here. I slept on what Chase was doing for half the match assuming WWE style where he is fed to the bigger man. I was horribly wrong. I saw a lot I liked out of Tankman. But I wasn’t realizing how much Oliver was doing here. Another good match and two guys I’ll have to watch closer next time.

Bulking Season vs Blank and Boar.

Bulking Season are the local favorites but I know Blank and Boar from At Odds and recently closed companies. I liked the match. Super entertaining from all four guys. But I could not stop watching the Boar. Pig Daddy Cool. There is something there. He has a presence, a swagger. There was an intangible drawing my eyes to him. Maybe it’s the mask. Maybe it’s the familiarity. I don’t know. But the Boar was my main guy I went to YouTube after to watch more matches.

Zach Thomas vs Bobby Beverly.

I admit, if a fight goes to the crowd at a show I’m at, I become a mark for myself and see if I’m caught on camera. The set up of this venue confuses me and I’m curious what else the building is used for. We’ve seen wrestlers run each other into the guard rail hundreds of times. But doing this from the crowd towards the ring so the guard rail slams against the ring with no give makes a common move look devastating. Then when the match returns to the ring it’s the craziest suplex battle you’ve ever seen. Thomas picks up the win and becomes the new #1 contender. This match is short, but action packed.

Big Twan vs. Kaplan.

A two big meaty men main event. Just an old school match with two big dudes beating the hell out of each other. There are slaps in this match that come through the screen with pain. While some national companies gimmick the ring, these two beats move with so much mass the ring actually does shake. Visibly. The match unfortunately ends in DQ after a chair shot, but a big tag team match is made for the next event.

It felt so good to watch a fun independent show with a healthy crowd once again. This is the not so recent past and I believe by next year we can have this again. There is also hundreds if not thousands of events on various platforms that we’ve never seen and can enjoy as fresh as if it was happening today.

Great choice by At Odds. I feel like I went to a show with two of my friends and had a great night out. Now who’s going out for food after and are we all taking one car?

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