Which Marvel Character is Owen Wilson Playing on Loki? (BIG Rumor)

Facts first. Loki will be an upcoming Disney Plus show. Owen Wilson has been cast on the show in a yet to be revealed role. During Avengers Endgame, Loki stole the Space Stone and disappeared. Most likely creating an alternate timeline from 2012 onward.

Also a fact, Mikey Sutton is known to drop huge spoilers for upcoming super hero properties years before anyone else. He was the first voice to say Disney will buy out Fox and it took years for that to happen. He has been right many many more times than incorrect. Not wrong, because plans change and he may have been correct at the time.

Well, everyone is picking up on another Mikey rumor and I would rather be at the front instead of catching up to the news later. I found this Mikey scoop through the Everything Always YouTube channel.


Owen Wilson will be playing Kang. The Loki show will be used to introduce the world to Kang and then have him as a larger villain for the movies.

Kang is a ridiculously complicated character and using the extra time provided by TV for exposition makes a lot of sense. There is classic Kang, plus multiple alternate versions, plus Immortus and Rama Tut who are also time traveling based conquerors who are and are not versions of Kang. Like I said, complicated. Much more than a 2 or 3 hour movie would allow.

Owen Wilson can be serious, look like he’s hiding something, has an agenda, and also provide those moments of humor that is one of the big differences between Marvel and DC movies.

Kang chasing after Loki either for his alternate time line or for the space stone or both is a compelling idea. Whatever Kang might do with that power later would be an Avengers level threat.

Side note, I still think Scarlet Witch will be the next big bad and we will eventually see “No More Mutants” on screen.

Again, all so far rumor, but rumors with a real good track record.

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