Independent Wrestling TV Review.

Thanks to the IWTV site I did my At Odds with Wrestling homework (and used their code for a 7 day trial) then watched a CZW and Chikara show I attended. Plus I spent a few hours looking through all of the companies and shows available on Independent Wrestling TV. Earlier this week on the House Show we brought up our first experiences with the WWE Network. It’s time to tell all about my first experiences with “Jerry’s Internet Wrestling Emporium”.

Right on the front page IWTV advertises “3,550 events from 216 promotions … more than 7,632 hours of wrestling. Hundreds of hours added each month.” All of this is true. I found companies I never knew existed and every one of them has entertaining matches. Plus constant updates. Even as I type this they are live streaming a new show from St Louis Anarchy.

Let’s face it, the best stuff on WWE Network right now is the old stuff. Things feel phoned in and without any direction. But on IWTV there are hundreds of great talent and feuds that would be brand new to any viewer.

The entire site is super easy too. I watched shows on my Roku, this computer, and my iPad. All of it streaming in great quality. The app picked up right where I left off as I switched between devices.

If you’ve watched ECW on the Network you know how frustrating it is to experience music and other edits. Our collective past is erased. Not so here. Matches, angles, mistakes, sound, all of it as fresh as it was live.

Everything on here is like knowing nothing but Marvel and then discovering long boxes full of smaller press titles. Mind expanding, original, cult, all of it. Every week I talk about some creation that was forgotten about and treated as “trash”. Thank God for everyone involved with IWTV treating these shows with respect by providing an archive.

I can search by show, company, or wrestler. This is an asset that should be used before attending any indie show. Many times over the years I had never heard of a new to the area talent and went in expecting nothing, only to be blown away. With this site I would search every name on the card and become familiar with every man and woman wrestling previous to the show. The more we put into wrestling as fans, the more we get out of it.

Speaking of getting something, there’s a merch store too! Company logos. Wrestler t-shirts and so much more. Every bit helps support everyone giving you joy.

Who do you want to watch? Orange Cassidy in front of 20 people? The bloodiest death matches? The most beautifully talented women on the planet? It is all right here, and for a low monthly cost too. Only $10 a month to enjoy a seemingly endless supply of brand new to you pro wrestling.

To be honest. I don’t have the subscription right now. “What?! Why?!” Well, when I watched all of these shows over the trial I had been furloughed for over 3 months and was fighting with unemployment. Mentally, I couldn’t commit to another monthly bill at that time. But the good news is, I’m back to work, things are starting to balance out, and as soon as that intangible comfortable feeling of ‘it’s going to be ok’ returns, I’ll immediately take 10 bucks and send it to IWTV. That’s right, this service is so good even while the world comes crashing down around us all I can’t think of a more worthwhile thing to add to my life.

It feels counter culture, punk, rebel, a cult, a club. Joining IWTV feels like a bond between wrestling fans when everything else we’re going through tries to separate us. Plus six feet. I cannot recommend signing up highly enough and… is this Friday a pay week? Y’know, I think I got that feeling again. I need to spend quality time with each and every event on here.

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