A Better Man Book Review. Coming Soon.

Thanks to Algonquin Books and Michael Ian Black I have an advance review copy of his upcoming book A Better Man. “A (Mostly) Serious Letter to My Son.”

Black wrote this book as his teenage son is leaving for college. “Part memoir, part advice book.” And all something I need to read as both a father and a son. I didn’t understand what my father was trying to teach me until later in life. I try every day to be a good example and teacher for my son, but am full of self doubt.

The full review of this book will appear on this site September 15th. I absolutely believe that life has a way of putting the perfect book, song, or movie in front of us when it will be most relevant to ourselves. Thus, I’m fully expecting this book to hit me so hard I need breaks to think and absorb Michael’s words.

I’m looking forward to everything within this book, and looking forward to sharing a review with all of you.

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