Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #6 Review

Published by StarBurn Industries Press and Suspicious Behavior Productions

Written by “The Killer Koalas” Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel

Illustrated by Kendall “the Nebraska Greyhound” Goode

Colors by Jio “Iceberg” Butler

Letters by Sal “Rattlesnake” Cipriano

Logo by Lindsay “the Long Island Lothario” Seligman

Edited by Brendan “Boogie Woogie” Wright

Available August 12th, 2020 (on ComiXology)

Check out the previous review of issues 1-5.

It is time for the main event of the evening. The “Galact-o-Massacre!” The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Manifest Destiny wants to add planet Earth to his interplanetary wrestling empire. Only “Rock n Roll” Rory Landell stands in his way. If he ever makes it to the arena.

In the previous review I mentioned the writing, the art, the craftsmanship of this comic book. The heart of Rory Landell. Without ruining the finale I have one more final thought about this series.

At this time of no fans wrestling, when many of the main shows feel phoned in, this is the best wrestling angle of the year and arguably the best match of the year. That’s right. I said it. Try to argue against me putting a comic book up for match of the year. Every match is scripted. Every match takes a team to put the performance together. Comics and wrestling don’t get credit for being the art forms that we know they can be.

I was into and excited for every single part of the story. Can Rory be the hero despite everything standing up against him? Will Manifest Destiny become our new overlord? How shady does a booker have to be to sell out his own planet? Finally, who will win the most important match in history?

The main event is ridiculously well done. I don’t know which member of the creative team has been in the ring before, but someone must have been. The pace, the psychology, the face and heel alternating control. I could feel the energy from the fans. Full of doubt, full of fear, and then full of hope.

I’ve stood up and screamed and cheered for a handful of matches in my life, and this is now one of them. Then, straight from the Attitude Era, there is a massive twist no one saw coming. This twist leads to what I can only spoiler free call the brotherhood of wrestling. We can beat on each other all day but no one else can mess with us.

This book should open up all of our minds to what comic books can be. An alien planet full of wrestlers coming to Earth should not be a unique concept. It took this comic to shatter expectations like Shane McMahon through the glass.

Cancel your WWE Network subscription for the month and buy this comic instead. Every bit of love this comic receives gets us that much closer to a rematch.

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