Mountain Dew VooDew 2020 Review.

Two soda reviews two days in a row! It’s that kind of week.

This Halloween season Mountain Dew has released a new version of their mystery flavor. Voo Dew! The taste is not mentioned on the packaging. So the fun comes from taking a sip and guessing the flavor. Buy a 12 packs. Have all your friends and family try it. See if there’s any consensus.

Unfortunately for me, the consensus was spoiled. I’ve bought one 20 ounce bottle so far and it was very obvious from the first step. It was also a bit too sugary. I know that’s an odd thing to say about a soda, but not all sodas are created or sugared the same. This one due to it’s flavor is just too much sweetness. Which was my wrestling name.

So, spoiler alert here. The flavor is Skittles. What kind of flavor is Skittles? you might ask. It’s Skittles flavor. Buy a bag of Skittles and toss a couple in your mouth. That is exactly what this soda tastes like. A mouth full of fruity sugar flavor Skittles. And that is why it also feels like too much sugar. It’s not only soda, it’s the candy too. Even though there is no actual candy involved my brain feels like it is and is trying to stop myself from over consumption.

It’s not a regrettable beverage. I finished the whole bottle. Didn’t hate it. But I’m good now. There’s other sodas out there I love. Plus there are rumors of a few more new Mountain Dew flavors later this year. I tried the one bottle, I’m satisfied with knowing what it tastes like, and that’s probably the only time I’ll drink it. Sweet Lightning is much better. Frost Bite was great. I’ll leave the cases of this version behind for other bloggers.


  1. […] Mountain Dew is once again taking advantage of the spooky season to release another mystery flavor under the VooDew branding. They did this last year and the flavor turned out to be candy corn, but I never thought that myself. I just couldn’t identify it. This year, the gimmick is back, and when I tried it, I just couldn’t put my finger on what the flavor was. It was certainly something I’m familiar with, but I couldn’t find it in my brain. That is until I read Kevin’s blog reviewing it and he spilled the beans. I won’t reveal it here in case you want to try and guess it for yourself, but you can hop over to Kevin’s place and solve the mystery. […]

  2. I like plain old fashioned Mtn Dew flavor, so none of these special flavors ever top the original for me (but I still tend to try them all).

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